Ack! The computer, it does nothing!And why we turned down Naxx.

BEWARE! Technical computer talk ahead!

So after having a nice Vent conversation with Lassirra my computer decided it was sick. Like . . . very sick. When I would load up WoW (beta or live) almost instantaneously my computer would freeze. I am talking it crashed so bad Ctrl-Alt-Del wouldn’t save it. So after a couple tries to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I gave up trying to log on WoW and sat down to do some troubleshooting.

Right now my computer is scanning it’s hard drives for bad sectors and errors. Considering the size of the drives it is taking a while. One has been finished and the second one is running now. I have a RAM test ready to go when the hard drives finish. Honestly, I am leaning towards the notion that my video card has on the fritz. Since all the crashes are being linked to opening up a 3D application. During one restart, after my computer ran POST, Windows froze on start-up. Following that, after POST again, when it tried to initialize my flat panel. While the Windows crash could be directly related to the video card failing, the black screen supported the theory, although not conclusive.

Further testing must be done. But if I can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my video card is going the way of the Dodo, I just might have to get a something shiny to take it’s place. I would rather have the video card go than anything else. If the processor fries, I will *most likely* need to replace the motherboard. Hard Drives . .  well . .  ugh. The panic of saving all the data, although my computer is due for a reformat.


“but you would have to be Survival for Hunting Party.”Well, let’s try to cover at least one or two WoW things today. I got offered to go to 10-man Naxxramas again last night before my computer decided to start crapping itself. It was all good until they added in “but you would have to be Survival for Hunting Party.” Now if I was on live and someone said they wanted a Survival Hunter I would be all over it. But something about how it came off, coupled with the bad grammar really turned me off. So I responded with “Due to your stipulation, I must decline.” I was talking to the other Hunters in my guild and another one got turned down to come to a 10-man Naxx because he wouldn’t spec Survival either.

How does this bode for Hunters? With the mana replenishment effect targeting the 10 players with the lowest mana, stacking at least one or two people who can provide this might be beneficial in 25-man raids, while obviously making sure you have one for a 10-man is important too. But is this going to see the rise of Hunters being pigeon-holed into Survival for raid spots? Will we see things like “LF1M Survival Hunter w/ wasp for Naxx?”

The attempt to validate all specs and pets, [Blizzard] might have inadvertently created the next “required” spec already.What might have been Blizzard’s attempt to validate all specs and pets, they might have inadvertently created the next “required” spec already. You could argue that MM brings Trueshot Aura, but what does Beast Mastery bring that a raid would want? Especially if it doesn’t out-DPS the other specs?

Perhaps I am jumping the gun here and am blowing it out of porportion. But needless to say, you can definitely see where the concern rises and you can see how it might end up being a valid concern.

Ok, thoughts, opinions, idea on how to fix my computer? Post ‘em here!

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