What I think needs to be changed about Hunters.

Well, the beta is moving right along, for better or for worse. I haven’t gone out of my way to participate in any Naxxramas runs or any other raids since we did Eye of Eternity with Malygos. That video was buried underneath Friday’s post so a lot of folks might have missed it. You can check it out here.

Some things need to be changed regarding Hunters to ensure viability in the upper echelons of raiding and competitive Arena in my opinion. Some of the items on this list will be straight from the beta forums. Some will be my own ideas. Take them for what it’s worth. This list leaves out obvious bugs like Bestial Wrath not working, Trap Mastery not working, etc.

  1. Aspects off of the global cooldown
  2. Aspect of the Viper has a passive regen portion to it, and depending on the regen, remove the 50% damage penalty
  3. All shots have their mana cost reduced by roughly 25%, if not more in some cases. (Looking at you Chimera Shot)
  4. Pets receive a portion of our hit, stamina, resilience, attack power, crit, etc
  5. Traps have their cooldown removed but suffer from diminishing returns like other crowd-controls
  6. Freezing Arrow is targeted ability, like a normal shot, not like Volley
  7. 60% spell resistance added to Deterrence again
  8. Chimera Shot added to Lock and Load *IF* Lock and Load stays in it’s current implementation
  9. Mortal Shots brought down to a 3 point talent for the same 30% effect, since it no longer affects Auto Shot
  10. Careful Aim reduced to a 2-point talent (50/100%)
  11. Disengage removed from the global cooldown
  12. Invigoration buffed back to 2%
  13. Change Aimed Shot to “Aimed Shots” and have it function like Furious Attacks
  14. Make Sniper Training have some kind of beneficial effect that works when the distance conditions are not met

    • Separation Anxiety: In addition to the movement speed increase, increase your damage done by 3-5% or something like that
    • Sniper Training: When you are struck in melee combat, you have a 10/20/30% to be propelled back 15 yards (This could be bad in a lot of situations, was just a random idea off the top of my head)
  15. Make Readiness affect pet cooldowns
  16. Master’s Call usable  while stunned again
  17. Beast Mastery, the talent, needs something else. Perhaps something like the Warlock Demonology talent in addition to allowing the taming of exotic pets.

That’s the stuff that came into my head yesterday and today as I was brainstorming the list. I am sure some of them make sense. Some of them probably do not. If you have any questions, thoughts, comments about the list, or want to add something, leave a comment. I will be more than willing to explain my thought process.

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