Was it it worth it? And reponses to someone else’s beta thoughts.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled beta coverage for a little story about what went down last night and what we did. Beta was uneventful as all the folks who are in my guild were already running doing things. We had tentatively planned on doing a ZA bear run last night so I logged on live for that, anxiously waiting.

Well, it never happened but Warbull logged on so we decided to do some PvP with him on his Druid. Then a guildie asked if we wanted to run a PUG Gruul’s. Both Warbull on I joined the raid and we were on our way.

And “it” dropped. Yes, you know what I am referring to. “It.” The Dragonspine Trophy. And I lost the roll to a Rogue named Pepsisomethingoranother. I can’t remember. But without missing a beat I say “I’ll give you 3k for it.” “I need my epic flyer, make it 5k.”

Slight hesitation. I quickly ponder with tons of things running through my head. Is it worth it? Do I want to spend 5,000 gold? The expansion is coming, I’ve seen the loot. It’s just a trinket. I can buy an Amani War Bear for 5k if I can’t get one on my own. Which doesn’t seem likely since people are not logging on right now.


Eek. I am now the proud owner of my own DST at the expense of 5,000 gold, bringing my money total down to 14.5k. I am not hurting by any means but I had a goal to break 20k before the expansion hit. It’s still my goal, I just have a lot more work to do.

Moving on . . .

So BRK made his post over on WoWInsider talking about the Hunter changes. To be fair, he says a lot of true things. And a lot of . . . interesting things. And if you have been reading, you already know which ones are interesting.

The BRK folks coined a termed MQoSRPDS. And this is true. Our damage output in all three specs is in good shape. Mana efficiency . . . well you know how I feel about that. But damage output is great. We are crushing meters in all forms.

However Rogues couldn’t care less about Hyenas. Warriors don’t care about our Birds of Prey. No one cares about our pets, even with their special abilities right now. Why? This is why:

(This isn’t my video) Sure, pets have a lot of interesting uses right now. Even with that, I will probably use a Hyena for PvP or something but none of those classes are annoyed by those abilities at all.

To be fair, pets still *MIGHT* get Resilience. Blues have posted they are concerned about pet survivability and have stated that if Resilience is the only way to make pets survive then they will do it. Will it make release? Maybe, maybe not. But the option isn’t gone.

But Bears do rock, as he stated. I have one in my stables for soloing. What a beefy tank he is, rocking just around 17000 armor without taking any BM talents to boost it.

Mr. BigRedKitty can keep Hobbes if he wants as we have just gotten word from the European Devs about some upcoming changes:

Here are some changes you’ll see next build or so:

– Taunt no longer shares a cooldown with Growl and Cower.
– Avoidance, not Great Resistance, is the prereq for Wolverine Bite.
– We are still trying to rework Heart of the Phoenix to get around the shortcomings.
– Tenacity and Ferocity pets lost their armor multiplier but it was given to all pets at base. The net effect is that Cunning pets won’t be at a stat deficit compared to the other trees.
– Roar of Recovery provides more mana.
– Lick Your Wounds now with faster licking technology.
– Carrion Feeder cooldown dropped to 30. We can’t easily change the range because this spells uses the same tech as the undead racial.
– Focus cost removed from Bullheaded.
– Not directly talent-related, but rather than reworking Prowl, cats got a second damage ability, Rake. It felt odd for them to shift from most desired pet to one of the least desired.

So cats get a second class ability since Prowl was worthless for combat. Sounds good.

I am curious why he thinks that Disengage is a controversial talent. I am sure the talent part is just a typo since it is a base ability. But there is no controversy over it at all. Everyone loves the change even if it does suffer the same problems Mages have with Blink and hills and sloped terrain. Only one person ever expressed that they didn’t like the new Disengage. He thought it was good threat reduction, which we all know was incorrect and his thread now seems to be missing from the beta boards.

Apparently he missed the value of the new Combat Experience when combined with Careful Aim, which almost all Hunters will pick-up if they drop a few points into MM. And who doesn’t? If I was to take Combat Experience right now it obviously means I would also be taking Careful Aim. That ends up providing me with 65 more Attack Power and 45 more Agility (which is part of the AP number). No one took Combat Experience in it’s current form. But it has changed. Existing talents have changed. And they have been made more accessible. It’s good now. But I guess in the end, it’s someone’s opinion.

And the finally he said “Improved Aspect of the Hawk will be one the best talent most hunters never take. It’s free Haste in a Haste-Friendly environment, folks.”

Wait, what? Improved Aspect of the Hawk is a core talent in the cookie-cutter BM build. 4-piece Tier 6 Survival Hunters take IAotH because it’s a DPS increase. Tons and tons of Hunters take Improved Aspect of the Hawk. In fact, who doesn’t take it?

Sorry for the folks who don’t like when I call BRK out. But when information is incorrect or out-dated it is important to make those corrections. And maybe, just maybe, he will fix his spec and pick-up Improved Aspect of the Hawk instead of Endurance Training. (He could have been doing PvP to be fair)


Sorry about the post. Beta has been slow lately as we have cleared Naxx a couple times, the numbers have been crunched thus far, and we are eagerly anticipating the next patch to see what Blizzard brings us. Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em.

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