PvP Specs: Talents and Reasoning; DK and Warrior Arena Video


Meh, and Explosive Shot got nerfed into the ground. :/
Separation Anxiety has now been changed to Kindred Spirits which increases pet damage by 20% and movement speed of you and your pet by 10% while your pet is active. No range stipulation. I am sure we will see more changes soon.

So I figure that when the patch hits I still want to give Arena a go with the new talents and pets to see how we match up before we level up to 80. So I have a few different PvP specs in my mind and figure I would lay them out and provide reasoning for build-specific choices. And I have 2 short clips uploading right now of a Arena match as a Warrior and one as a Death Knight. But we’ll get to those later. So yeah . . . level 70 specs for PvP:

Spec #1: MM with Chimera Shot – This spec is designed to capitalize off of the Chimera Shot effect to strengthen our ability to mana drain our opponents. I pass up many of the PvE-centric talents such as Improved Steady Shot as I do not imagine I will have a lot of time to fire my Steady Shots in order for a proc. In conjunction, Scorpid Sting into a Chimera Shot might be helpful against Ret Paladins, Warriors, and Rogues. Piercing Shots scales, which is nice to an extent. It gets “better” as your targets get more armor, but at the same time, it won’t be piercing away a caster’s armor to zero. 3 points in Efficiency could be replaced with Improved Hunter’s Mark.

Spec #2: MM with Lock and Load – This is really looking to capitalize on the burst capability of Lock and Load. Trapping a target and then using 3 Arcane Shots in a row provides a healthy chunk of damage. A lot of the same talents as the previous build, just skipping the bottom of the MM tree in favor of the Survival talents.

Spec #3: Survival 10/51 – I honestly don’t know how well this build will work. I picked up Resourcefulness for the reduced cost on Wingclip and Disengage. I skipped Expose Weakness since I don’t personally feel it will provide a large bonus in this situation and that the other points would be better spent elsewhere. I like the Noxious Sting mechanic where dispelling Wyvern Sting puts that person to sleep, which coincides very well with the Trap Mastery talent when it is finally working. The strength of the build is meant to once again capitalize on the strength of Lock and Load and combine it with Explosive Shot.

Spec #4: Crazy 21/40 – This one is a little off the wall, picking up Noxious Stings again for the Wyvern Sting effect and dropping enough points in Marksmanship to pickup Scatter Shot.

Spec #5: Beast Mastery 51/10 – I am only a little crazy. The reason for the odd talent choices such as Catlike Reflexes and Improved Aspect of the Monkey is due to this little gem: Glyph of Aspect of the Monkey. To me, it seems like a solid glyph that will be useful for kiting folks around and staying alive.

Death Knight Video – Single Fight
My experience as a Death Knight is to level one to level 71. I logged on this premade Death Knight, clicked in my talents, which is full Unholy with 20 in Blood, and queued up for Arena. This was the second match I fought as a Death Knight. The first one only had one person show up on the other team so it was hardly fair. I was paired up a Ret Paladin who said he hadn’t lost a match all night. Pressure!

Warrior Video

Thoughts, opinions, your opinions on specs, leave ‘em here!

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