Beta: The Kiting Video; Thoughts about Hunters and the FAQ

So after Viddler gave me upload trouble due to the file size of the video, I re-compressed it and tried again. And this time it worked. So allow me to layout the premise of the fight before we jump into the video.

Gluth is a big ugly dead dog thingy. Zombies spawn at the back of the room and obviously aggro on to folks. If anyone of them get too close to Gluth, he munches down on ‘em and heals for 2% of his health. And there ends up being a lot of zombies. Our job is to get aggro on as many zombies as possible and refrain from dying. Periodically Gluth will “Decimate” lowering my health and all the zombies health to ridiculously low levels. At that point all the zombies make a beeline for Gluth. Enjoy!

I need to find a new video hosting. I am becoming more and more unsatisfied with the quality. But that is neither here nor there.

There is a lot of rumblings about the Hunter community with concerns about our class viability in Wrath of the Lich King. There are a couple points I can make about this so I think it is worth talking about.

  1. Are we going to be viable?
    This question can pretty much sum up a lot of people’s concerns. And there are at least a few factors that we need to consider. If you are a casual player the Hunter class will function perfectly for you. You will have a good time playing it, your pets will be a lot more fun and most of the pet leveling is gone, as is loyalty. You will be able to run 5-man instances and quest without issue.

    The concern that members of the community have right now regarding viability in high-end raiding and Arena revolve around Aspect of the Viper. The final version of Viper will make or break a Hunter’s efficiency in a long PvE fight and in Arena. I know that the Kel’thuzad fight goes on for quite a long time in it’s current form. After dealing with some initial adds a Hunter goes full DPS for as long as it takes you to do 7 million damage in the 10-man version. You get one mana potion so it’s something you need to use wisely. If the ability doesn’t turn out well, the viability in Arena goes through the floor. Without an effective method of regeneration Hunters become even more susceptible to mana drains than we are now. A lot hinges on Aspect of the Viper.

  2. Is Beast Mastery still top DPS?
    Maybe. Right now people are scrambling to fill their raids with Survival Hunters. While we lost the raid-wide Expose Weakness, the way mana battery effects work makes Survival still highly desirable, especially with them beating almost everyone in DPS. Now it’s not a huge margin, but it’s enough. MM is pushing great numbers at the expense of terrible mana efficiency. BM can sustain themselves the longest but is still prone to pet unfriendly fights and the issue of whther or not an exotic pet is enough to cover the gap the other two specs gain from their talents.

  3. What happened to my shot rotations?
    Hunters. Some of the hardest to theorycraft with some easy implementation. Don’t let the shot macros fool you. The math behind Hunter DPS is as complex and intricate as any other class. Some might say it is the most in-depth. But the Hunter community really steps it up and put together amazing tools to help us out. Cheeky’s Spreadsheet, the 3:2 macro, etc. All this was not for naught, but shot rotations are dead in the form that you know them in. Your shot rotation will consist of you using your abilities as soon as they are available without fear of clipping. You no longer need a math degree to understand the intricacies of how to maximize your DPS. There will still be plenty of theorycraft and number-crunching but you will find yourself having a lot of fun playing your Hunter as you begin to interact with your abilities again rather than being a one-button-wonder.

  4. What about pets?
    Pets have come a long way. While survivability leaves something to be desired, we at least have options. Lots of them. Talent trees, the removal of loyalty, and pets automatically level to within 5 levels of you let’s you pick pets based off of appearance and class abilities rather than being pigeon-holed into one of the top 3 DPS pets. Will some pets be better at DPS than others? Sure. But you have many more options now.

If you have any questions that you would like a brief answer to, leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer it and add it to the post. Or if you find something incorrect, let me know.

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