Beta Testing: Initial MM DPS Tests Analysis

Down in the sewers of Dalaran a target dummy was added. He never dies, you don’t get any weapon skill-ups, and you can beat on him forever. What an awesome addition for us to test our DPS. And test we did! I should note for this test that I currently have 3 Glyphs. One that increases the attack power from Hunter’s Mark by 20%, one that increases the duration of Serpent Sting by 3 seconds, and the third refunds refunds 40% of the cost of my Arcane Shot when I use it against a target affected by my sting.


The first thing we test was a Marksmanship build. The actual build we opted for looked something like this. So let me explain a few of the talent choices.

I opted to drop 11 points in BM…rather than taking Lock and Load because I feel that talent is not nearly as powerful without the wrecking ball that is Explosive Shot.I opted to drop 11 points in BM for Improved Aspects, rather than taking Lock and Load because I feel that talent is not nearly as powerful without the wrecking ball that is Explosive Shot. I also took Combat Experience since 6% more Agility and 6% more Intel both equate into a lot more attack power when factoring in Careful Aim. I opted to not take Rapid Recuperation as the Aspect of the Viper reduces our need for mana issues quite significantly. And while I have 3 points in Efficiency, it’s mostly to help me get to lower talent brackets. Wild Quiver isn’t currently working according to the in-game talents so I skipped that one too. I, personally, like Piercing Shots in it’s current form, as it is Armor Penetration that scales. It will work in conjunction with any other ArP you might have and seem like a very solid percentage to work with. On a current boss mob with 770 armor, that is an additional 462 armor penetration. And obvioysly this gets better as armor values go up to make sure it stays useful.

Currently I am specced into Marksmanship in-game and am sitting just above 3800 attack power self-buffed. There were a few ways to handle a shot rotation for this build. The one I tried most heavily involved Serpent Sting followed by a Steady Shot chain, then using Chimera Shot to refresh the sting when it was about to run out or when Improved Steady Shot happened to proc. I felt this worked with varying degrees of success. In the first round of tests my DPS hovered around 2700-2900 DPS. Which I felt fairly pleased with. Other tests involved making use of the Arcane Shot glyph but did not contribute to the DPS it seemed.

The most interesting this was that I went back the other night to run a few more tests, with the same build, and whether or not it can be chalked up to lucky procs or what, but in 2 consecutive tests my DPS sat at 3600. The first time was what prompted me to run again and found the same results. One factor I was considering was that this was late at night, so perhaps the server was feeling less laggy and I was able to weave shots better.

I am eager for WowWebStats to have a working version for WotLK, as I would love to be able to link and go over detailed analysis of the DPS logs for these tests. Other builds remain to be tested, including builds that include Multi-Shot into the rotation, etc. Tomorrow however I will do some coverage of how the Survival DPS tests go.

Sorry about the late post! I took it upon myself to sleep in today!

Thoughts, comments, questions, etc. Post ‘em here!

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