Beta: So you think you can kite? Lots of PvE fun too!

OK, so the title isn’t all about kiting. But I really wanted to use the title. Last night and the day before was all about running PvE content. Screw Wintergrasp for now. It’s bugged so that Horde have not Spirit Rezzers and we aren’t getting credit for things. Maybe it’s been fixed since I was there, but there are a lot of instances to run. So we did!

Last night, however, I saw two messages in the LFG channel that caught my attention.

/4 LFM for UP (Utgarde Pinnacle)
/4 LFM to kill Alliance leaders

I chose the latter. And it was a blast! Rather than talking about it, here are pictures. Enjoy! (Unless you are Alliance. Bwahaha)

This one is to make all the Alliance jealous because we can do this and you can’t. I’m looking at you Matticus!

From here on out (at least till the beta ends), I shall be known all across the (beta) realm as Drotar of the Horde! What a sexy title to go along with killing a bunch of NPCs. :) And we had such a great time commandeering Alliance ships, we all decided to make a beta guild which we lovingly named “Terror of the High Seas.” And to continue the awesome trend, we joined up with some other folks and ran some 25-man Naxxramas. Which brings me to my blog post title.

When I originally did Naxxramas I was a Warrior. Well this time around I have shrugged off tanking responsibilities and am now DPS mixed with some CC. Oh, and I can kite. How well? Well, currently Gluth will put that to the test. You see, Gluth is a big ugly dog . . . thing. And zombies spawn. Lost of them. And if they get close to him, he eats them and heals.

[Decimate] drops everybody’s hitpoints down to what we can describe as ridiculously low.Now the thing is, lots of zombies spawn. Not just one or two. Loads of them. Metric craptons. And you are responsible for kiting them (along with some other folks). They hit me for about 1000 or so on average. Not too bad. With the love that is Explosive Shot, picking up a bunch of them isn’t too hard. Until Gluth Decimates. Which drops everybody’s hitpoints down to what we can describe as ridiculously low. Like “you can die from taking less than 600 damage or so” low. While you are kiting.

In the original Naxx all the zombies, who are also afflicted by Decimate, run towards Gluth and you AoE their last 50k HP down before he heals. Now . . . well they just continue to chase you. Even while you are at 1% health. So you think you can kite? If this turns out to *not* be a bug (which many think it is), you will get your chance to prove it. The awesome guild we formed is running our own 10-man Naxx tonight so I will see how Gluth works in the 10 person version as opposed to the 25 man version.

In the end, we killed Thaddius, Gluth, Instructor Razuvious, and took shots at Gothik the Harvester who is rumored to be the hardest fight in the 25-man version.

In addition to all this, the previous night we ran the Violet Hold. Think of the Violet Hold as the new Stockades in the sense of it being in a major city so it is easy to get to, and the new Black Morass as the mobs come in waves through portals but with a lot less running. It’s one of those “I have 20 minutes, let’s run something” type instances and was pretty fun. It looks like, from what I could tell, there are a number of random bosses that can be “unlocked” from the prisons in the area.

Other than the Rogues with their broken poisons, myself and another Survival Hunter were fighting for the top 3 DPS slots last night.From all these instances and raids Survival is trouncing most things in DPS. Other than the Rogues with their broken poisons, myself and another Survival Hunter were fighting for the top 3 DPS slots last night. And now that DK damage was nerfed they aren’t crushing everyone in damage done *while* tanking anymore. Chalk this up to Explosive Shot or what not, but it’s rocking so far. With Noxious Stings still not implemented my spec looks this. I might opt to drop 1 point from Go for the Throat and probably Rapid Killing in favor of Noxious Stings when it is implemented since a flat 3% damage increase would be nice.

So all in all it’s been a fun past couple days in the world of beta. Outside the world server dumping us all the friggin’ time. So finish this post off here is a shiny picture of my stats raid-buffed in Naxxramas, my title, and Chilly the Penguin by request from a reader.

Thoughts, comments, questions, etc. Post ‘em here!

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