Beta Recap: Stuff I tested and Incoming Changes

I am not sure if anyone is reading the beta boards but I wrote up a post covering my testing as Marksmanship with more numbers than my last post provided. You can see the thread here. But rather than just sending you over to the beta forums, here is the content of the post:

I ran more detailed MM tests tonight and a few things have been confirmed as well as more accurate numbers compiled.

Attack PowerL: 3825
Hit Rating: 86 (2.62% increased chance to hit against level 80 mobs)
17.36% Crit Chance
9506 Mana
Damage Range: 1163-1334
Current Spec: ( Obviously certain talents are useless for these tests, such as Piercing Shots and Improved Tracking since the Target Dummy is level 1.

Level 76 Wolf specced as follows: (

1. Increased Hunter’s Mark attack power bonus by 20%
2. Increased duration of Serpent Sting by 3 seconds.
3. Arcane Shot refunds 20% of the mana cost when used on a target affected by a sting.

Shot Rotation:
I start by shooting An Auto Shot to get it started, apply Serpent Sting followed by Arcane Shot and being shooting steady shots and after 1 or 2 Steady Shots I shoot Chimera Shot to refresh the sting and then apply each shot as the cooldowns finish.

Unfortunately this rotation can only be maintained for roughly a minute with my current mana pool. I am not chugging potions or blowing any cooldowns and hope the target dummy will be adjusted in the future so I can use AotV and do prolonged damage tests.

Confirmed Data:
1. Chimera Shot will deal damage twice. Once for the weapon damage portion, and once for Serpent Sting. It is listed in the combat log as Chimera Shot – Serpent.
2. The Serpent Sting portion of Chimera Shot deals the same amount of damage, regardless of duration left on Serpent Sting meaning it is based off the total damage of the sting rather than the damage that has been done so far.
3. The weapon damage portion of Chimera Shot is also nature damage, regardless of whether a sting is present.
4. Each portion of Chimera Shot is capable of a critical strike independently.
(Combat Log Screenshot:

Pet Damage:
Through all my tests my pet is comprising roughly 15% of my DPS. It varies between 14 and 16 during all tests. Obviously this percentage would increase if the pet was level 80 if I did not change any of my current gear.

Damage Breakdown:
1. Steady Shot is equating to to roughly 38% of my DPS. This varies up and down a couple percentage.
2. Auto Shot is to 32% of my DPS (roughly as well) over the course of my tests.
3. Chimera Shot and Chimera Shot – Serpent are almost equal in DPS. Each sitting around 7.5-9% of my total damage.
4. Arcane Shot and the DoT damage from Serpent Sting also appear quite close in my damage done. These are both close to the 7% mark.

On a personal level, I can maintain between 2700 and 3000 DPS without including my pet depending on the procs. My level 76 wolf is contributing roughly 460 DPS each test. It has been as low as 390 and as high as 540.

Recount Screenshots of different DPS tests:
(Some of the DPS in these screenshots are lower than what I am reporting because Recount kept counting after I stopped attacking) – (Cooldowns used in this one)

And we have a confirmation that we will be getting two modified dummies in the next patch. Kalgan said this:
In an upcoming update one of the dummies will be level 80 with normal lvl 80 mob stats, the other will be a “boss” dummy with normal lvl 80 boss mob stats.

I have grand dreams thanks to a suggestion from Levidian of getting enough people (10 and 25) to all hover around that target dummy and apply debuffs and lay into it and get some real DPS tests.

On a sad note, the Rogue ability Disarm now has a 20 yard range and only has a 1 second cast time. Yay us. The outcry has started, including Megatf who, if you aren’t an Arena junkie, was the highest rated Arena player in the world for a while. Not highest Hunter, just player. The threads are here and here. I *really* hope Blizzard is putting in Camouflage soon as well as Line-of-Sight abilities they promised us. Who knows, maybe those will make the Disarm change not so big.

Today’s post is kind of all over the place. I am trying to collect my thoughts on everything I have read last night and this morning and try to process it.

I am looking forward to the complete implementation of Alchemy. Obviously I do want to test what they put in, but also to see if I should be ditching it entirely. Right now I am an Alchemist/Herbalist to support my “habits.” You know my habit of chugging Fel Mana Potions like a 2 dollar Blood Elf under the bridges of Silvermoon doing Arcane lines. “Was I over the top? I can never tell.” (Name that movie quote!)

The contest is well underway. The first submission came in a little later than I thought but more are coming in as the day is chugging along. At first I thought I had made the questions too hard but seeing how many people are getting them right I am glad I didn’t change them. If you haven’t submitted your answers yet, there is still plenty of time to do it. Just try and remember to put your subject line as ‘QQ Qontest’ so my e-mail automatically flags it for me. If you didn’t do it exactly, don’t worry, I will still manually add your entry to the eligible contest submissions. Just try and save me some work. ;)

I am hoping a new beta guild comes in soon. Right now tons of instances and zones were closed down. This includes Caverns of Time: Stratholme, Storm Peaks, Halls of Lightning, etc. So let’s wrap this up.

Sorry about the scatter-brain style of this post. Thoughts, comments, etc, post ‘em!

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