Beta: Inundated with text! Contest updates

The past couple days the posts have involved tons of text. Lots of it. And while today will still text, I will try to keep the walls of text to a minimum.

Rough Survival Tests – Here, rather than posting the whole text again. The word? Don’t count Survival out yet. Explosive Shot and it’s longevity in comparison to MM is something to be reckoned with, even if we did lose the raid-wide EW and the awesomeness of the previous rendition of Hunting Party.

Lake Wintergrasp! Still imbalanced! Why you might ask? Well it *could* be a whole number of reasons but as it stands it is because neither side ever has a respectable amount of players. It’s either lop-sided for the Alliance or for the Horde. And it devolves into graveyard camping till every player on the overpowered side gets a killing blow. Currently, when the game ends, you receive 7500 Honor and 150 Arena points. But rather than it being based of honorable kills it is based off killing blows, and if you want to receive the aforementioned rewards, you have to have one yourself. Sorry healers.

And I can tell you this, Explosive Shot was a friggin’ blast with Lock and Load. Now don’t get me wrong, it was ridiculously lopsided in favor of Horde last night. But between fighting some folks in relatively even matches and duels while we were waiting for the battle to start, tossing down an Immolation Trap versus an opponent and opening a gap is awesome when you get to unload 3 Explosive Shots into their fragile mortal coil! ;)

During our little rampage through Lake Wintergrasp I was able to complete a few achievements as well. We picked up Duel-licous from fighting a Death Knight, the highly competitive Make Love, Not Warcraft, we apparently also Know They Enemy, and we’ve been told That Takes Class. :)

I want to give a special thanks to that Dwarf Priest by the Eastern Workshop for making two of those achievements possible! /salute

…the common courtesy is to go out and fight, get your killing blow to get credit, and then chill in the fortress…But there gleaming moments where the true purpose of Wintergrasp reared its head. Towards the end of the final battle I participated in last night the Alliance made a final push in an attempt to destroy our fortress. Let me explain this first I guess. Right now, with teams either being lop-sided one way or another, the common courtesy is to go out and fight, get your killing blow to get credit, and then chill in the fortress and doing your best not to steal any killing blows from players who might not have one yet. The underdog does whatever they can to kill anything possible before they get mowed down by the roaming mob of players without a kill yet.

With the Horde scattered and only 4 minutes left till victory, we scrambled to bring down the [Demolishers] before they tore down our door.The vehicles available to you are based off your rank which id dependent on how many kills you have. So towards the end the Alliance had higher rank then the Horde since we were relegated to one kill and waiting. As the Alliance were finally cranking out a couple Demolishers (big battering ram things) and charging towards our base. With the Horde scattered and only 4 minutes left till victory, we scrambled to bring down the magic-immune (At least immune to Stings, Explosive Shot, etc) before they tore down our door.

But during those few fleeting moments as the Alliance rushed the fortress and a few tingles of urgency showed up you could almost see how Wintergrasp was going to play out with armies on either side.

I will try to remind myself to snap some screenshots and record some clips from Lake Wintergrasp tonight so you can check it out first hand. Besides, one more winning battle and I can pick up the awesomely named LK 1 Arena 1 Bow. Seriously, look at that thing.

I have also been informed that I will be running another contest. This one, while still requiring no in-game time will be significantly harder (at least I plan on it being harder) but yield a much more awesome prize. But I gotta come up with a good contest for this one. I obviously can’t run contests every week but these two are the exception and I am excited for the current one, as submissions keep rolling in, and I am definitely excited to announce the next one, which I will probably do either tomorrow when submissions are closed for the tabards or Monday when I post the winners. Stay tuned! It’ll be awesome!

Until then, thoughts, comments, etc. You know the drill. :)

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