Beta DPS: Winners and Losers from Initial Testing

Yesterday I talked about how my Marksmanship DPS tests went and what method I used to test them. Rather than string it out for two more days, I am going to try and talk about all of it today. “And here we go . . .”

Marksmanship has proven to be quite admirable in it’s personal DPS. It has consistently sat between 2800 and 3300 DPS through a number of DPS tests over the weekend. As I have previously mentioned (at least I think I did), Aspect of the Viper is broken in Dalaran for some reason so I cannot use it to go into longer DPS cycles. Serpent Sting is doing quite a bit of unmitigated damage. I believe mine is sitting around 2300 damage or so, over the course of 18 seconds due to an inscription increasing the the duration by 3 seconds. And currently Chimera Shot is doing Nature damage, which I am hoping is not a bug. As Levidia stated on the beta forums, this is a great method for MM Hunters to be able to put pressure on high-armored targets.

There are a number of high-quality testers rapidly approaching 80 so hopefully we will see individual DPS tests coming from more than one source soon so we can check my numbers against other folks of different gear levels.

The rotation I found to be working the best was one everyone is familiar with, smashing Steady Shot to your heart’s content.Beast Mastery DPS, in my own personal testing, is still top dog (Or wolf, or rhino, or whatever). Serpent’s Swiftness is still tearing things up. I tried multiple specs, with a few variations. These included Pike’s suggestion of a 40/31 build, skipping the top-level DPS talents in favor of TSA. With it now being a raid-wide scaling buff, it is more desirable to have. So what we will be finding out shortly is what kind of DPS certain exotic pets can bring to the table, including any raid buffs it might have to contribute. The rotation I found to be working the best was one everyone is familiar with, smashing Steady Shot to your heart’s content.

Survival, unfortunately, is pulling up the rear in my personal tests. The spike capability of Survival is awesome. There were multiple times where Lock and Load would proc consecutively allowing 4 Explosive Shots in a row (three free ones, followed by a normal one) which put out great damage. And similar to Chimera Shot mentioned above, this shot doing fire damage and ignoring armor is great pressure on targets.

Similar to how many specs ended up taking Improved Aspect of the Hawk, you will start finding this with the lower level Survival talents.In terms of personal DPS, Expose Weakness is still going to help you out. But it’s going to be hard for it to outweigh the new Trueshot Aura. While Expose Weakness gives your AP equal to 25% of your agility, TSA gives 10% to the whole raid. And fighting with scaling numbers like that is hard. We begged for TSA to change and we got it. But so did Survival. And Survival still has a lot of great high level talents. Readiness is still nice, Sniper Training is a solid talent, and Explosive Shot is great damage. But at the same time, the more accessible talents are just that . . . accessible. Things like Improved Tracking, Survival Instincts, even Lock and Load if you wanted it without Explosive Shot are available to other specs. Similar to how many specs ended up taking Improved Aspect of the Hawk, you will start finding this with the lower level Survival talents.

I have to be honest, lately I have really liked being Marksmanship. Even when I had a Rhino as BM, it still felt the same. I did nothing but Steady Shot and Bestial Wrath with a bunch of other talents that procced on their own. It is pumping out awesome DPS, don’t get me wrong. But MM is comparable and could out-pace it, especially if talents like Rapid Recuperation and Efficiency that are no longer needed due to the awesomeness that is Aspect of the Viper are reworked. What would take their place or how would they be modified? Not sure off the top of my head, but as it stands they are not needed in the slightest.

I make no light statement when I say [mana efficiency talents] are moot thanks to the new Viper.The more I think about it, many talents became slightly more lackluster due to the power of Aspect of the Viper. Thrill of the Hunt is less valuable, Invigoration, Efficiency, and Rapid Recuperation are all talents revolving around our mana effectiveness and I make no light statement when I say it is moot thanks to the new Viper. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the video I posted the other day when I was using MM in Utgarde Pinnacle and pay attention to what Viper does in a few seconds.

I want to run some more “scientific” tests including some more detailed analysis of what is going on in the combat log. Especially regarding how much damage the Serpent Sting portion of Chimera Shot does, etc.

An interesting post I read today was from The Hunter’s Mark entitled Why Your Cat is Lame. And it is so true. Prowl isn’t exactly the most desirable pet class ability in the world. :(

And check out the new method of holding collectible items, such as Badges of Justice:

I think I figured out what my contest is going to be! I am going to do a simple quiz about the blog. Maybe 5 questions long or so, something relatively short, that should be pretty easy for people to find the answers. I think how I am going to do prizes is give one tabard away for the first person to send in all the correct answers and than pick two more random winners from everyone else who sends in correct answers. That way it’s not all about who is first and there is a good chance you can win one just from participating. I will make a formal post about it as well with all the details and what time I will post the quiz so it won’t be unexpected.

Thoughts, comments, etc! Post ‘em!

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