Beta: DPS and Mana Efficiency as BM; Naxxramas!

I’ve been neglecting Beast Mastery a lot lately. I’m sorry. The only reason is because BM still feels like too much of the old for me. While MM and Survival got these shiny new shots and can now actively maintain stings or what not, BM is still just BM with some passive talents. You still just mash that Steady Shot button and blow Bestial Wrath. Now this isn’t too say that spec isn’t viable, it’s just that it wasn’t fun.

[I did not have an exotic pet] since it wouldn’t be level 80 and would miss my target a lot which would make Invigoration a useless talent.But that doesn’t mean we should neglect it. While some folks are too busy ganking Death Knights, I want to bring the best beta information that I possibly can! Now it is important to note that I did not have an exotic pet for these tests. Mainly since it wouldn’t be level 80 and would miss my target a lot which would make Invigoration a useless talent. And since we want to test efficiency as well as DPS, that would be no good. Now realistically I could have completely tweaked my spec by ditching the last 6 points in BM in favor of other DPS talents but that would be inaccurate as in most cases people are going to be going after exotic pets.

So we see a couple things in this screenshot. First up, we are pulling down 2864 DPS without using any cooldowns and a non-exotic pet. No complaints about those numbers at all. Obviously we know these would be higher if we were blowing Bestial Wrath and trinkets.

Second, the timer indicates that I have been DPS’ing for 1 minute and 20 seconds (I started the timer when I started shooting). This is the most mana-efficient spec it seems, as Survival was only able to maintain a minute to a minute and 10 seconds before going running out of mana with MM barely able to go for a whole minute (*Insert joke about MM not being a lady pleaser*).

Screenshot number 2. I are now at the 2 minute 8 second mark. I snapped this right as I was switching back to Aspect of the Hawk. That was 48 seconds it took to refill my mana this time around. 48 seconds. Survival did it in 19 seconds. MM did it in 41 seconds. Based off the formula from yesterday, we know that we spent 37.5% of our DPS time in Aspect of the Viper which ended up with a loss of 18.75% of our possible DPS.

But once again, somethings need to be considered to make this fair. Using Bestial Wrath would have increased by efficiency and put the numbers more in favor of DPS time. In addition I did not use Serpent Sting which we know from yesterday’s post is one of the best things we have in terms of Mana Cost to Mana Gain when using Aspect of the Viper.

What is interesting is that the DPS displayed in the second screenshot in Recount 2391 DPS. That was the overall DPS at the end of the test. To back-up our numbers, 2391 divided by 2864 (the DPS we were doing while in Hawk) shows us that it comes out to be 83.48% of what our DPS when only using Hawk. That number very much supports the 18.75% loss in DPS I quoted earlier.

It does seem that with external regeneration buffs BM is going to have the most longevity with Survival coming very close. MM . . . needs work. The DPS numbers for BM are not shabby at all though. These would be higher if I went and picked up one of those snazzy exotic pets though. Or leveling Rockteady. :)

I ran Naxxramas last night. Well at least the end few bosses. We killed Patchwerk, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius, Sapphiron, and we had a heart-breaking wipe on Kel’thuzad at 30k health out of 7 million) on our very first pull! After I few more attempts I had to crash since I had work in the morning. Hopefully they got him down.

We were so close. And we did a few fun things. You might recall the post I made the other day called “So you think you can kite?” Well, this was the 10-man version but there was still MUCH kiting to be done last night. And I recorded the whole thing. Currently being uploaded to Viddler. No silly videos about how to do jump shot here. This a collective effort to kite lots of *FAST* elite mobs who want to eat your brains. Liberal use of Deterrence, Disengage, Frost Trap, Explosive Shots, and Concussive Shots. Good times for everyone! Vent chatter included. > >

Keep your eye on this spot right here, as I will post up the video as soon as it finishes encoding. And what did we get for our kiting effort? Why, a Spectral Rider’s Girdle of course. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

We were excited to tackle Sapphiron. We went in and after 2 and a half attempts (the half was a early pull we weren’t ready for) we had a dead bone dragon.

And who picked up something shiny? Well, I did. In the form of the friggin’ awesome Cloak of Mastery. And as I mentioned, our very first pull of the new 10-man Kel’thuzad we wiped at 30,000 health. Out of 7 million. We about cried. After a couple more attempts not as smooth as the first, I called it a night.

So that’s that. Thoughts, questions, concerns? Post ‘em!

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