Upcoming Beta Changes; Blizzcon – There’s a chance!

First, I would like to direct you to this page. Second, I would like to applaud Mr. Morhaime for taking the time to address the situation. While the ticket sales were completely FUBAR (look it up), they at least took the time to recognize the situation, address the community and provide some type of resolution to it. Everyone is still not going to get tickets but it is a step in the right direction. So here is to hoping I can still attend Blizzcon with my friends. And here is to hoping Doodlebug and Eustashiu will be able to “has a Blizzcon.”

I took a screenshot the other day I decided I have to share with people. I don’t know if you have watched any Flight of the Conchords, but you should. In fact, I would like to provide you with some entertainment that is not WoW-related for the moment. This is them performing one of their songs called “Albi the racist Dragon.” Enjoy and then continue reading.

OK, I hope you found that as enjoyable as I do. I thoroughly enjoy watching/listening to their stuff. And on that note, here is the screenshot I want to share. I thought it was humorous. Was it intentional on Blizzard’s part? Maybe, maybe not. But given all their other pop culture references, I would like to think so.

If you get a chance, watch some of their other stuff. I highly recommend “Hiphopopotamus and the Rhymnoceros”, “Business Time”, and pretty much everything else.

Moving on to more beta stuff, we had a patch last night and some downtime, only to be greeted by unstable servers and bad lag, so reaching my goal of level 75 was not realized. But we do know that the next build is being heralded as the “Hunter patch.” We have blue confirmation that we can expect quite a few changes, including an entire reworking of the Survival tree.

New Baseline Abilities
Two talents are getting turned into base abilities. Deterrence and the Master’s Call. While it’s not Scatter Shot, it is two excellent addition to our repertoire, especially with spell resistance being added to Deterrence. This also means that two talents are going to need to take their place most likely. We know this patch should be big for us, so it’s hard to say just yet.

Pet Focus Costs
We also know that all pet Focus costs are being reworked completely.
The next build will look something like this:
15 Focus

20 Focus
Anything you want to prioritize, like Demoralizing Screech
Any family ability with a short cooldown, like Fire Breath

25 Focus
Claw, Bite, Smack
Family abilities with a decent damage component and no cooldown, like Gore
Family abilities that represent a decent dps increase, like Savage Rend

Most abilities with cooldowns of 30 sec or more
Most pet talents

Serpent Sting Buff

Bumped up the coefficient for Serpent Sting. With the mana cost changes, I think it’s come out lower than what it was before too. The other stings I think are fine.

What other changes can we expect? It’s hard to say. I am hoping that the cost reduction for our shots is reduced to help solve the problem with us burning through mana like there is no tomorrow. As far as the rest of the changes go . . . it will be interesting to see. When will the build hit? I am hoping for Friday, but since we just received one, I am skeptical.

So let’s leave off with some screenshots with hopes of hitting 75 tonight (even though they increased the amount of experience needed).

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post!

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