Testing out Zoundry Raven and a Logo

I am testing out a new blog tool called Zoundry Raven and I was curious on how it was going to work out. Even with the improvements, Blogger usually leaves something to be desired in terms of their editor. But I have gotten use to it and am curious on making a switch to a tool solely for composing blog posts. I am not sure if this will accomplish what I want it to and may end up editing it in Blogger anyways. But hey, I tried. :) I think the problem I am looking to solve is to simplify the Lightbox implementation when I put images in my posts. As it stands, I have to manually paste a lot of code for each image. This also applies to the pull quotes that you see when I remember to use them.

I was fooling around in Photoshop and decided to see if I can make an actual logo for the blog, going along with my compulsiveness to “brand” things. Here goes nothing . . .

Hmmm, almost working.

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