Late Night Ramblings: Roar of Sacrifice

Good evening! Or morning, depending on how you look at it. I thought I write up a little blurb about my thoughts on one of the Hunter pet skills, Roar of Sacrifice. Here you have an ability at the bottom of the Tenacity tree, requiring an investment to get it for your pet. The concept behind it is very solid however the implementation is lacking. Currently my new bear pet has just under 7000 HP. What this means is that I can effectively put a 3500 damage shield on a target of my choice. So far so good. You can easily see this come into play in a 5-man instance as utility or something of that sort.

The problem is it’s cost. It currently costs 60 Focus which eliminates its use in a quick “Oh crap” situation. Healer getting attacked? You have to wait for your pet to build 60 Focus, which also requires you to turn off all of their other abilities to prevent them from using their Focus dumps.

I successfully Frapsed the boss encounters off Utgarde Keep which I will be editing later today. I didn’t get an opportunity to bring a DPS pet, so the bear came with me. Throughout the entire instance I turned off every ability just so I would be sure I had enough Focus for Roar of Sacrifice or Intervene if the situation would arise.

Granted you normally wouldn’t bring a tank pet if you are looking to DPS, but if you have these utilitarian options available to you, they should at least be feasible to use if the situation calls for it. I am excited to tame a new pet to try Roar of Recovery.

There are a bunch of new screenshots I uploaded tonight, as well as new videos being uploaded to Viddler. So make sure to check them out once they finish. I will probably include them in a post on Monday describing more in detail what they are covering.

Comments, thoughts, etc. Post ‘em.

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