Covering the Beta Weekend

Let’s go ahead and start with the a video. What we have here is Utgarde Keep, which you will probably recognize the awesome fire from Blizzard’s video. You can find this instance in the Howling Fjord, the second option for a starting zone. For the Horde(!), you get there by taking a Zeppelin from the Undercity, as opposed from Orgrimmar. Check it out:

In this video there are a couple things to notice. First, I have a bear pet as I mentioned in an earlier post. I have all his abilities turned off so I can use Roar of Sacrifice and Intervene when I want to. Second, we have a Death Knight tanking. It is a very awesome instance with a very Nordic feel to it, which is prevalent throughout the entire zone. I definitely like the way it feels and will be hard pressed to choose between the Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra when it comes time to level when it goes live.

Here is our second video for the day. Shorter, this one shows some of the nifty things they have added to their built-in UI and scrolling combat text. I added notes to the video itself so as it plays through it points out what I was trying to capture.

I am closing in on level 74 so I can make a trip to Dalaran. I have a working version of Recount now so next time I run an instance I can test my DPS output as Survival. The problem I have come across so far is that I out-gear a lot of tanks running around so it’s hard for me not to pull aggro even after Feigning. But hey, just another challenge for us to overcome.

I finally got around to trying out Roar of Recovery last night. Currently it restores 20% of your mana over 8 seconds. It costs 30 Focus, and since it is not an “Oh crap” ability, you can plan on using it. The downside is the cooldown is 6 minutes. But since this ability scales with your mana pool, it might end up being very valuable in raid encounters. You can use this ability instead of your first mana potion and chances are it will be up before the boss dies unless it is a short fight.

The other side is that Roar of Sacrifice is available to “Cunning” pets only. What you lose out on, however, are abilities like Bloodthirsty, Heart of the Phoenix, and Rabid or Lick your Wounds. Beast Mastery Hunters who are overly concerned with the survivability of their pet might opt for one of these pets to make sure their friend can stay alive during a boss fight. And I must admit, Bloodthirsty is nothing short of amazing. But for me, even with it’s long cooldown, Roar of Recovery is very appealing to me, even with its long cooldown. I am even considering a Sporebat for raiding. That’s right, you heard me! A SPOREBAT! Sporecloud is nothing to scoff at!

Over the course of 1 minute I will regain 1200 mana, and 2400 mana in 2 minutes which is close to what you can expect from a Super Mana Potion.My other thoughts are about Hunting Party. My mana pool at level 73 is just barely above 8000. This is in my existing gear with just 3 levels added to it. I can almost guarantee that I will crit once every 8 seconds so I have no concern about proccing Hunting Party within its internal cooldown. So over the course of 1 minute I will regain 1200 mana, and 2400 mana in 2 minutes which is close to what you can expect from a Super Mana Potion. But you also have to factor in the mana, rage, energy, and runic power you would restore to your party. This would return 30 rage, which is enough for a Mortal Strike or a Bloodthirst. A Rogue will get 75 Energy . . . so whatever that translates into. And 75 Runic Power, which is enough to fund a Gargoyle, a Dancing Rune Weapon, or 1.5 DK Death Coils.

Obviously the scaling mana pools are going to get the biggest benefit out of this, so to obtain the largest benefit from Hunting Party you are going to need to be with other mana users, be it Hunters or Shaman. I am going to be curious about what my mana pool is going to look like at level 77 or 80 to see how this effect scales.

OK, let’s wrap this post up. My friends and I are all going to attend Blizzcon this year. We can get some sweet sweet coverage for QQ PewPew from Blizzcon! Good times!

Oh, and this video is just for fun!

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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