Continuing the Beta: Freestyle Bombing Missions

Despite server lag that plagued the Drak’Tharon Keep group I joined, I did manage to hit level 75 last night.. Drak’Tharon Keep is an instance in Zul’Drak, a zone that looks like an gigantic Troll city. Which also is home to the newest version of the Ring of Blood from Nagrand. It’s a place where Hunters can pick up their very own Icier Barbed Spear. And it looks friggin’ awesome. I am sure many of us will be excited to pick up that bad boy when the time comes.

One of the quests that I tackled last night, after visiting what can only be described as a Dragon temple, was a bombing mission in which I rode on the back of a drake to obliterate some Scourge workers. There are definitely some famous faces hanging around. The quest itself was fairly simple, although I did have to make use of the drake’s devour ability to restore health as I was bombarded by ranged attacks once I started lighting the place on fire. Go ahead and watch the video and then come back!

Up in Wyrmrest Temple there are a number of Ambassadors from the various Dragonflights. The lovable Chromie we all know from Plaguelands. Even the Black Dragonflight has sent a representative. We receive a couple quests from these folks, one even involves clearing out the Obsidian Dragonshrine, in a place called the Maw of Neltharion. During Chromie’s quest, I came upon this sexy devil. Isn’t he handsome?

Level 75 came, as I mentioned, and my new training consisted of Bear Trap. Now I must admit, I am very curious on how this ability is going to play out. We all have probably been in a situation where we were feared and then received the business end of a nuking session with fear never actually breaking. It will be interesting to see how much it takes to break the hold effect.

As I mentioned, I ran 3/4 of a Drak’Tharon Keep run last night, until the server kept dropping some of our members and the healer couldn’t get back into our copy of the instance. I recorded the first 3 boss fights and made an interesting note.

See that big awesome dinosaur in the screenshot? Yeah, he is totally tamable. He is labeled as exotic but the real challenge comes from trying to keep his focus, not get smushed, and not get feared. I might be fun to try if you can get a group willing you tame one of the bosses and deprive them of some loot. :)

So hopefully have seen the incredible changes to the Hunter talent trees. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. Go click around, check out the new stuff. It’s times like these you think Blizzard has listened to Hunter complaints. Revamping of old talents, making Spirit Bond not completely terrible, and giving us a way to remove ourselves from melee range and subsequently making Disengage not terrible.

I have to decide whether or to upload the Drak’Tharon Keep boss fights as they are take the time to cut them together in a single clip. Since it’s the weekend I might put together the movie if I can get in a group and film the last boss. If not, I will probably just upload them in their current format.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em.

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