Continuing Beta: The Nexus, 5-DK Ramparts and I fail at Fraps!

Good morning! What an evening it was last night. Running a 5-man instance in Northrend, 5 Death Knights running Ramparts, and the awesome damage that Explosive Shot can do all equaled up to an exciting evening. And one gigantic mechanical gnome.

Finding a group for the instance is proving to be a challenge. Even with the plethora of new Death Knights, no one wants to tank. Don’t worry beta! I will be Frost and tank when I get there! So I happily went along my way doing quests and obliterating things with Explosive Shot. I did a series of quests which culminated in a showdown with some crazy mecha-gnome. I hate gnomes. Shortly after, I did find a group to run The Nexus. And then I learned I utterly fail at Frapsing.

Don’t get me wrong, I recorded two of the boss fights. The other two, including the last boss, I completely forgot to hit my record button. :( And while I haven’t uploaded the instance video yet, it is because I want to cut these clips together at least. And perhaps get recording of the other 2 boss fights so it’s a complete package. But don’t worry, we have a couple more clips.

See the numbers in the screenshot there? That’s not single target DPS baby. That’s the AoE currently attached to Explosive Shot. And the damage output is pretty awesome. I am uploading a 30 second clip of just a trash fight where there were more than one mob present. I guess there really isn’t a reason to write that previous statement, since I am not posting this until I can include the movie. I really am loving Survival. The talents just feel better and more unique than anything else. Although I have yet to try Marksmanship yet. :) So check out this short video using Explosive Shot on some trash.

So let’s see . . . video number 2. Short video, only 37 seconds long, and it’s just myself and 4 other Death Knights obliterating one of the trash pulls in Hellfire Ramparts. We were all 60 or 61 with no healing other than residual things from Death Knight talents and skills.

Video 3 is just some chain-pulling of Shattered Hand Orcs outside Thrallmar. In the video I am level 60, so I don’t have Obliterate yet, which is pretty massive DPS. All the mobs are between level 60 and 62. It starts a tad slow, as I have to get the flow going and get a ghoul summoned, who you can see heroically leap into battle. And yes, in the back of every Death Knight’s mind they are yelling “GET OVER HERE” when they Death Grip.

Make sure you head over the screenshot gallery to check out some more screenshots, as well as the loot that we got from the Nexus.

So I did get around to running some very not-concrete killing tests last night as well, comparing BM to Survival. There is a nice huge field of undead spirits and I proceeded to chain pull them a couple times, without even stopping to loot. There is no doubt that things died faster as Survival, which I am sure can be attributed to how awesome Explosive Shot is, but I have no concrete numbers. I am told there is an actual working version of Recount for the beta, so I must go find it. I still can’t run an accurate test on Dr. Boom though, for the same reason I can’t when I am specced Barrage. His adds over-inflate single target DPS since they take damage from Multi Shot, and in this case, Explosive Shot.

We’ll figure something out. For now, thoughts, comments, concerns. Post ‘em here! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the coverage.

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