Buh-Bye Bear Trap, Hello Camouflage!

We definitely do want to make traps more usable. We’ve discussed a lot of different options over the years (including throwing your traps, having them turn into shots etc.) but in the end we feel we’d like to retain the unique gameplay of traps, and improve them without re-designing what traps really are.

Some changes we are working on:

- Distracting Shot will now be a “Mocking Blow”-esque taunt (so it will taunt the mob onto the Hunter for 6 sec). This will allow you to “peel” monsters to you (and thus to a trap) a lot easier than it is now.
- Freezing Trap will no longer break on damage 100% of the time. It will still break on damage, but on x amount. So if the mob has a DoT on them, or the mob gets cleaved while in Freezing Trap, it won’t just immediately break. Because of this, we’re canning Bear Trap (since Freezing Trap will accomplish what Bear Trap was intended for, plus you guys have enough keybinds as it is). Note that we don’t intend Freezing Trap to be a stun, so the tuning on how much damage will break it will be important.
- Camouflage – We’ll be introducing this new spell at level 80. It will give you limited stealth capabilities. A bonus with it is that you can lay your traps while Camouflaged and it won’t break the stealth, allowing you to setup your traps before a pull if desired.
- Trap Mastery – This talent will be a 1-point talent now, we’ve condensed a lot of the trap talents in the Survival tree. It will do stuff like increase damage of Immolate, root the dispeller of your Freezing Trap in ice, increase the number of snakes from your snake trap, etc.

Well, Ho-lee crap.

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