Beta Testing the Bugs; So much for Blizzcon

Blizzcon Rant
Feel free to skip this section and move on down to the beta stuff if you want. :)

Let me get this out of my system first. Because I was/am frustrated. I don’t think it is possible for Blizzard to have handled the Blizzcon ticket fiasco any worse. Here is a company that has launched the most successful MMO (game in general?) of all time. They still claim the smoothest launch of an MMO ever. The company, as a whole, is no noob when it comes to providing service for millions of players. And someone didn’t foresee the problem that might arise using their online store? Did no one stress test this site beforehand?

So allow me to clarify. I am not upset (much) that I was unable to get a Blizzcon ticket. If I had tried Monday morning to buy tickets and they were gone in 47 seconds, that would be OK. I wasn’t fast enough. But that was not the case. People had to fight through XML errors, stylesheets being unavailable, and just a general lack of ability for their servers to support the load of users. So what you ended up with was people who eagerly waited till Monday morning to buy the tickets when they were suppose to go on sale not being able to buy anything. The problems lasted all day and halfway through Tuesday.

But unfortunately all those people who have money to spend ended up having to go to things called jobs and couldn’t spend all day hitting F5, praying the transaction would go through. What you ended up with is groups of people all planning to attend Blizzcon together, who had all planned to buy the tickets that morning are now unable to attend together. 1 or 2 people out of 5 or 6 get to go. One out of three get to go. And these aren’t the only examples.

What happens now? Sure, tickets sold out. But you will have folks there without their friends, family, guildies they wanted to meet in real life, and all of a sudden their enthusiasm goes through the floor. And then you have stuff like this and it makes it very difficult to be enthusiastic.

My suggestion? Either test your servers capabilities, just as you would a MMO stress test, or try someone who can handle it next time. So yeah, no Blizzcon for me or some of my friends.

Beta Coverage
OK! Back to beta stuff! I only was able to accomplish a few things in beta last night since I had to make a  trip to the airports. But I did get to test out the Roar of Sacrifice bug. And while Paladins love being able to two-shot things right now (unless the fixed it since I last checked), I hope this bug gets fixed pretty soon. Because in most cases, a Hunter can almost make themselves invincible. So I made a little video of it. Make note this is a known bug and I have also reported it in-game, so it’s not like I am trying to keep it a secret. I ended up trying this same trick again, except with a macro so I could cast Roar of Sacrifice more reliably on myself and solo’d this quest, which one paladin who came by found quite humorous.

I managed to find Breanni in Dalaran last night, and after two failed attempts of getting into her store (I fell through Dalaran twice), I bought a leash and some Fetch Balls to test out. It was simple fun to send Peanut and Mojo running around, playing fetch. The leash is just a visual toy, as your pet still follow you around, but you have it on a leash. While it’s kind of hard to see in the video, you can see the leash and myself playing fetch with Peanut and Mojo. I found it humorous when Mojo would bring the ball back on top of his head because it was too big.

I ran The Nexus again last night with an attempt to finish some quests that never got done, and I decided while we were waiting that I wanted another haircut. So I found the barber shop in Dalaran and went to town. I kept my awesome braided goatee but harnessed my inner punk rock, as you can see. I can how this might become a money-sink for a lot of people. I am not a role-player, but I can definitely see where being able to change hairstyles and color would be a great tool in developing character stories and what not.

The instance run was smooth, but it was interesting to see where my stats have gone. I still haven’t replaced any gear yet, but I do know one thing. I personally love the Windfury totem. Sorry Rogues and Warriors but 16% haste rocks. If you are Beast Mastery with Serpent’s Swiftness, be prepared to absolutely blow through your mana chain casting Steady Shot. As I have previously mentioned, since Auto Shot will still fire even if you are casting, you can spam it to your heart’s content.

I am halfway to level 75 which I fully intend to hit tonight and then try and find a group for Drak’Tharon Keep. I also found some more working UI mods to see if we can gather a bit more statistical data for our enjoyment.

Ok, let’s wrap this up for today. I want to give a big thanks to everyone reading (and hopefully enjoying) the blog. It’s just a one-man show over here, so it’s a fine line between balancing time to write the posts, proof-read (which I know I miss somethings and edit when I see it), make the videos, and find time to play. But it’s a lot of fun. Since the beta coverage started the daily viewers has spiked up quite a bit. We’ve been hovering around 800 unique viewers a day, but Google Analytics tells me we are up to around 1,500. So a big hello to the new people!

Thoughts, comments, corrections, leave ‘em here!

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