Beta Talk: Slow leveling speed is slow. Grizzly Hills looks awesome.

I did manage to get to 76 last night and trained the most unexciting skills ever for an even-numbered level. Distracting Shot and Disengage.Last night I was definitely feeling the effects of the increased amount of experience needed to gain a level in the beta last night. I logged in with roughly 6 bubbles to go with full rest experience. Barring out a few breaks so see what my wife was watching on television, I hunkered down with the intent to hit level 76. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy leveling but I definitely had to fight off the desire to log on the Death Knight for a quick level, especially after the world server went down once. But I stuck to my guns! I did manage to get to 76 last night and trained the most unexciting skills ever for an even-numbered level. Distracting Shot and Disengage. I know Disengage will be awesome once we get a new build, but we aren’t there yet so I was sad with the lack of anything . . . . shiny.

The amount of experience need to gain levels is huge right now and it seems like, barring out any tweaks, it is the amount Blizzard plans on keeping. People will definitely be going through tons of quests to level up. A lot of people in the Burning Crusade were able to hit level 70 by the time they hit Blade’s Edge Mountains and Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley would be a great money resource. At the current rate of experience, without any first hand testing of course, it seems Blizzard wants people to experience all the zones as they level. But I guess we will see that as the level cap gets raised and new zones open.

Grizzly Hills an amazingly diverse zone and the flow from a forest to snow-capped mountains to the edge of a troll temple is great. Also housed in this zone is an area called Dun Argol. And many could easily mistake it for Ironforge. It is very similar so you can see that these evil metal dwarf-y things have a lot in common with our common Azerothian smelly dwarfs. :P

It’s an interesting chain to say the least. Not to spoil too much, but we’ve got a dwarf held hostage and a plan to kidnap one of Magni Bronzebeard’s relatives from what I can gather. I would imagine that doing so would probably break the “tenuous pact” the Horde and Alliance have. :)

While I didn’t run any instances last night, I did record some footage of the zone and found one section to be pretty dang awesome. There appears to be some sort of Furbolg war going on right now, so the location you see in the video is ripe with conflict. I haven’t picked up any quests to actually go in yet, but I am sure they are coming. I am only halfway done with the quests in Grizzly Hills, according to my Achievement tab. It holds a title that I am sure BRK can appreciate: “Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle.” Enjoy!

It would had been easy to level, but I decided to run a heroic with some friends who are on the server now, including Warbull now that he is back. Yay! I mentioned previously that I did a Black Temple raid with the guild I joined called BOB. While I was invited to the raid last night, I ended up declining as I felt there were a lot of other things I could be doing. I am torn between my desire to see content, trouncing around Outlands with some friends I actually know, and of course, playing the beta. I guess the problem is I have a hard time finding a desire to raid with a guild full of people I don’t know.

After we did heroic Mech I was thinking about running another instance when they asked me to come in to DPS for Brutallus. Well, I figured since I hadn’t seen this fight first-hand, I might as well come in and help them out. And this fight is definitely the mother of tank-n-spanks. One that Armor Penetration is huge for. While he didn’t die, the DPS was good, but the raid seems plagued by AFKs and running into times where one person happens to have more broken gear than the rest of the raid. Obviously their plan is to go back tonight and try to finish the job, but we’ll see if I feel like going along for the ride. I have WWS of course.

Overall DPS – I averaged 2000 for the night
Attempt 4 – 2000 DPS, Number 1 on Meters
Attempt 7 – 2319 DPS, 2nd on Meters

There were some attempts where I died early, so while my DPS was high, the total damage was low since I missed a large portion of the fight. Ah well. It was a nice measure to see what we could do in our current gear.

Speaking of gear, I was very close to replacing my Alchemist trinket last night, with a trinket that offered passive 38 haste. It was tempting, but in the end I kept the Alchemist’s Stone for the additional potion effects and for the sake of not having another cooldown to remember to use.

So I think that wraps up today’s post. we wrote this entire post in Zoundry Raven, the blog editor I tested yesterday, so we’ll see how it works once I upload this post that actually has a significant chunk of content. Laying this out seemed nice at least. I guess the finished product will dictate if we keep it. :)

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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