Beta Talk: Hunter changes in, server down.

After downloading the patch last night, I was ridiculously excited to get in-game and see the treats Blizzard implemented for us. While I was able to get a few things tested, the server apparently had other ideas. There were a ton of things happening in this patch. Paladins got bugged, not in their favor, in which they proceeded to whine incessantly. No one felt bad for them. At all. Especially on the PvP server since the past few weeks have involved every Paladin and their mother to 2-shot people because they could, with bugs working in their favor.

Warriors got the speed penalty removed from Titan’s Grip. Which means you can expect to have a Fury Warrior laying into you with two monster weapons without a attack speed slower than 4 seconds.

It seems the Spirit Bond effect of bonus healing is not working or it is not stacking with Blood of the RhinoAnd of course, Hunters. We had our own fair share of changes. And it seems, bugs too. Currently it seems the Spirit Bond effect of bonus healing is not working or it is not stacking with Blood of the Rhino, as my Mend Pet is still ticking for 1190. I left a post about it on the Hunter Beta forums, so we shall see if it is indeed busted or not implemented yet. So if I was testing Spirit Bond, that means I was specced Beast Mastery. Well, yes, I was, for the latter half of a very short night. Why you might ask? This is why:

I had to tame a Rhino. And give it the most awesome name ever. Devilsaur shmevilsaur. I got me a rhino! I love the fact a little bird sits on his horn while not in combat. It rocks. Unfortunately I will not be staying BM. I have been neglecting the MM tree for far too long and am going to spec into that tonight to give it a shot and see how those talents play out.

Kill Shot became awful. It now has a 35 second cooldown and knocks you over when you use it. Couple it with a high mana cost and the fact it really doesn’t beat out Multi-Shot or Arcane Shot and you will find very few reasons to use it in its current implementation. Hopefully it will get changed in some way to make it useful again.

The Trap Mastery talent in the Survival tree is currently “meh.” As it stands, it only reduces the chance of enemies to resist your traps by 5%. No additional snakes, frost duration, etc. I am hoping that this talent was not completely finished yet and we can expect some additional things in the future.

Yes, yes it can throw you off a cliff.In case you missed it, check out the video in the previous post showing off the new Disengage. The whole video is like 45 seconds long. Personally I am really liking the implementation. I have not had a chance to PvP yet but I am excited. And after a guildie asked me last night, I had to do a simple test. And the answer to that test was “Yes, yes it can throw you off a cliff.” Position yourself accordingly. (I’m looking at you Lumbermill!) :)

[Roar of Sacrifice] now functions like a Power Word:Shield with damage absorption equal to 50% of your pet’s healthIt seems the new Focus costs for pet abilities have been implemented, much rejoicing should commence. It is an excellent change that should make the use of certain abilities more feasible when they are needed. Which also brings up the topic of Roar of Sacrifice. I mentioned it in the previous post, but I thought I would reiterate it. It now functions like a Power Word:Shield with damage absorption equal to 50% of your pet’s health, with a 30 second cooldown. Your pet doesn’t actually take any damage but the cooldown prevents it from being spammed.

In the end, the night was cut short as the server couldn’t stay up. After the 4th time trying to talk to Mania and having the world server go down, I finally got the hint and went to bed.

I want to give a huge thanks to those who have responded to the call for surveys. I’ve learned quite a bit so far and am thinking of just a few tweaks I can do to help make the reading experience a little more enjoyable. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please navigate over to this post and send me your answers if you feel so inclined.

Thoughts, comments, etc. Go ahead and post ‘em!

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