Beta Stuff: Finishing Drak’Tharon Keep and soloing elite quests.

It was a fairly stable beta evening last night, which proved for some fine leveling. Earlier in the evening I was able to locate a group for Drak’Tharon Keep, and since the last time I ran it we ended up getting disconnected due to server lag, I jumped in to try and see the whole instance.

As we approached King Dred I keep trying to run scenarios through my head on how I could solo tame him.The group composition ended up being 3 Death Knights, a Priest and a pizza pla . . . ermm, me. And the run was great. A lot smoother than the previous one, but that was no one’s fault. We charged right in and tackled the instance pretty quickly.

As we approached King Dred I keep trying to run scenarios through my head on how I could solo tame him. It would be quite a feat. Something like Aspect of the Monkey, Deterrence, my Herbalist ability “Wild Growth“, and . . . . I have no idea. Something else. I bet I could do it . . . the bigger problem is getting to him which I don’t think is happening by my lonesome. :)

I recorded a video of the last boss, named the Prophet Tharon’ja. It’s a pretty simple fight, but interesting enough. Phase 1 is tank and spank, and phase 2 you all turn into ghouls with different abilities. These phases cycle back and forth. So here is the clip, enjoy and meet me at the bottom of the video!

There were a couple pieces of loot that dropped last night that I definitely felt were significant to mention. King Dred gave up a Scabrous-Hide Helm which definitely gave my pause. As much as I love Armor Penetration, keeping my 4-piece Tier 6 bonus and a Meta gem out-weighed the sweet 245 ArP it provided. We also got a BoE blue item, the Darkweb Bindings. They were amazingly comparable to the Bracers of the Pathfinder I was using, and some might argue better than, due to the hit rating.

There is another video that I am uploading right now that shows a fun little event at the end of Drak’Tharon Keep. I don’t know how well it will translate to video, but it will show that perhaps us adventurers shouldn’t be so eager to lend our help to someone without doing a little investigation first. :) I will edit this with it once it is done.

I was hesitant to post this, but since if you are reading my blog still than you don’t mind beta information so we will go ahead and talk about it. I am referring to a quest chain that involves everybody’s good friend Argual. You know, that guy from everyone’s favorite 5-man low-level instance (if not favorite, period). Don’t argue! You know it’s better than Deadmines, Wailing Caverns, Blackfathom Depths, and Razorfen Kraul.

After doing all the pre-requisites I went to tackle the 3-man portion of this quest all by lonesome. Well, I wasn’t alone. I was armed with the beast up there in that screenshot.

As you can see in the screenshot above, 2 of the quest objectives are already finished. And in this screenshot you can see why we were able to solo some of these mobs. Make special note of how much Mend Pet is ticking for in the image. Yup, 1190. It helps when our pet is specced like this. The first three encounters were easy, mainly tank and spank while Genghis took a beating and I unloaded a hefty amount of DPS into the target.

The final encounter, the Shade of Argual, spawns a ton of Worgen and goes immune to everything, which requires us to AoE them down. And for that we give a big thanks to Frost Trap and a not-yet-nerfed Explosive Shot. It was messy, but in the end we brought him down, unfortunately GenghisKhan died towards the end. I should have specced him into Last Stand instead of Roar of Sacrifice. Oh, that’s also important to note. I did this without abusing the Roar of Sacrifice bug.

I received a quest from a guy in Dalaran to head out to Sholazar Basin, and he flew me there courtesy of his Gyrocopter. And I must say, flying over the Basin looked so good I had to question myself on which game I was playing again. Check it out:

As it is being posted everywhere, I guess I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t as well. The Wrath of the Lich King opening cinematic is up and it is mind-blowing awesome. Blizzard always seems to out-do themselves and this video is no exception. Check it out at the official site right here.

EDIT: BlogAzeroth has a forum dedicated to shared topics in which a bunch of WoW blogs all respond to the topic. I haven’t participated in one yet, but I saw one topic I should do a quick response to. They recently asked what your character’s theme song is. And if you are a long time reader, you might remember I asked this same question. The response I provided was “Alice in Chains – Rooster.” If you are not a 90s rock aficionado, take a moment to enjoy the song:

Thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. Post ‘em here. And be sure to check all the screenshots added to the gallery. I uploaded another 15 or 20 today, I can’t remember which. And you can check out all the videos I upload here.

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