Beta Impressions: The Creepy-Crawly Edition

I quested my little heart out last night in an effort to reach level 74. It was a goal I accomplished and was excited to pick up a new rank of Aspect of the Hawk. Questing in the Dragonblight has been a blast so far. Between obliterating the Scarlet Crusade, stealing the horses, and “eliminating” members of the Forsaken who let themselves get captured, the quests have been great fun. And I haven’t even touched the Dragon portion of the Dragonblight. So I am looking forward to those chain of quests.

I was able to finally get the quest to port to Dalaran since I hit 74, which gave me the opportunity to check out the magical city in the sky. The first thing I noticed, other than the map for it being sort of broken, was that it was a lot smaller than Shattrath City. But it’s easy to navigate, as you will spend a lot less time flying around. And the sewers look great, which for some reason I didn’t screenshot at all. Down there you will find your Arena folks, an inn and some vendors who prefer the bleakness of the sewers instead of the magic city and it’s pristine streets.

Later that night one of the folks in the guild I joined, Death Knights of Cydonia, was looking for people to run Azjol-Nerub. Of course I jumped at the situation. My first thought when I finished was “Holy crap, that was a short instance. Unless my mind is slowly rotting away and I am forgetting 20 minutes of trash, there were 10 pulls in the whole instance. And that’s including the boss pulls. I really like the way this place looks. It definitely gives out the creepy-crawly vibe. It looks like it was once a temple of some sort and not the entire zone is covered with massive amounts of spider webs. Dangling from the ceiling, the walls, suspended across the floor, everywhere.

The first two bosses involved making a pull, fighting 3 waves of mobs and then the boss shows up. But for some awesome reason I didn’t get a screenshot of the second boss. Mainly because the event was kind of bugged, and we were so focused on handling the spawns that didn’t come in a timely fashion that by the time Hadronox showed up, we were focused on not wiping that I didn’t remember to hit “Print Scrn.” After killing Hadronox we climbed down the monstrous spider webs to find the last boss, Anub’arak. He will look familiar to anyone who fought Anub’rekan in Naxxramas, just as Hadronox resembles Maexxna. Probably why it’s called “Spawn of Maexxna.”

But we do have a video for Anub’arak. Granted there is no sound. And there is totally a reason for that. Somehow Fraps’ “Record Sound” option got unchecked. Yup, that’s my reason. No fancy title or anything this time since it’s only one fight. It was late and I wanted to get this uploaded in time for the post today.

If the boss fights in this instance showed anything, it’s that my mana efficiency is screwed until Blizzard re-adjusts spell cost. And there is a bug with drinking potions right now it seems. Blizz supposedly removed the Potion sickness, but towards the end of the video you can see me frantically trying to drink a Mad Alchemist Potion as I was taking some AoE damage. The same situation happened with the first boss, right at the end I was only using Auto Shot since my mana was so low and I had already used a potion.

But I did pull down 1600 DPS on the first boss using only Steady Shot and Auto Shot (with Kill Command and Explosive Shot for good measure with the adds). This is as Survival of course. I ended up having to disable Recount after the first boss though because it started throwing errors and WoW gave me the warning that my add-ons were taking up a lot of memory. It seems very possible that with the new Auto Shot changes that even Survival Hunters may be able to live off of Steady Shot and Auto Shot. It was pretty awesome to have a beneficial Windfury now. 16% haste instead of a proc of extra swings was great. And here is a random screenshot because I liked it.

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