Beta Impressions: Day 2 – Ack, where’s my mana and unholy DK grinding.

After I switched to BM after the previous evening’s adventures, I decided Khagan needed to come join me. And I quickly found out that my mana efficiency as Beast Mastery was dismal. It is important to note, however, that this is true for all classes and that blue has stated that the mana costs are being looked into and most likely adjusted. And it has also come to light that Blizzard will not neglect our pet’s hit and resilience. However I do not agree with his statement in the slightest about pet survivability being where it should be. At all. But that’s for another day. Thanks for the head’s up Mania. Let’s talk other stuff!

I probably stopped to drink 3 or 4 times as frequent as I did the previous day as Survival.Steady Shot (Rank 2) is over double the mana cost of Rank 1 and I have not switched any gear yet, so I have the same mana pool (plus one level) that I do running Black Temple. I probably stopped to drink 3 or 4 times as frequent as I did the previous day as Survival. But this can be attributed to the starting quest mobs probably had fewer hit points, thus requiring me to spend less mana to kill them. I am going to go out in a field, as BM, and chain kill mobs to see how long I can go before I run out of mana and then repeat the process as Survival. I might even convince myself to haul out to go ol’ Dr. Boom and run a few burn tests and see how it goes. Unfortunately I could not find a group for “The Nexus” last night so I didn’t have the opportunity to fight a boss yet. Survival Hunter with Hunting Party LFG Nexus!

Before hauling myself back out to Northrend, I decided that I was looking kind of mangy. I am sure my goatee and knot were covered in gnome blood and whatever else. So I took that chance to visit the barber that they implemented in Orgrimmar. After clicking through a few options, I decided to leave my hairstyle generally the same, but had some coloring done and re-tied my goatee. Ah, fresh and clean and ready to slaughter the world!

After doing a bunch of quests that you turn in to Hellscream in Warsong Hold, you are finally awarded with your first blue quest reward. The options are pretty awesome, and while not better than the Cross of Peacocks, stat-wise, the gun reward kicks the crap out of it in appearance and in name. Fury of the Raging Dragon. All you gun-lovers can rejoice a bit. :) And of course we have a picture of it!

One thing I cam quickly coming to terms with is that Borean Tundra is huge. There is easily 8-10 quests hubs in this zone. I have only touched maybe 4-5 so far. I find picking up too many quests at a time makes your quest log very cluttered and hard to sort through, trying to remember which quests are lumped together becomes a challenge. But there is definitely not a shortage of quests. Including impersonating a murloc saving baby murlocs (Why are we saving them?? GAH!). Oh, yeah. Orca Whales. Awesome!

Be sure to browse the screenshot gallery to check out some of the other stuff, including an awesome quest reward trinket, the Nexus, the inside of the first instance, and a sweet ArP ring for those of you who still need to pick them up!

Videos! We have them! First up, just a short compilation of clips of me as Survival blowing people up with Explosive Shot. Watch out quick things die! We’ll see if it works as well on the next level of mobs which we faced yesterday as BM.

This video is of me being terrible! I had to fight an elite mob with the help of an NPC and I let me pet die twice. And when I tried to switch to Aspect of the Viper, I realized it wasn’t on my bar yet! Fail!

This one is a little longer and is me blowing the ever living crap out of the Scarlet Crusade from atop a Frost Wyrm! Because that’s how I roll!

I turned on sound recording for the last one, not sure why I didn’t do that for the other videos. But regardless, I will try and capture the sounds of everything as well. They are pretty awesome. All the videos I upload can be viewed right here. If you feel so inclined, try using the little comment feature that allows you to leave notes on the timeline.

I did level the Death Knight a bit, as Outlands has a 30% experience buff, so spitting on a mob is practically a level. And Death Knight leveling is as crazy as it looked. I tear through mobs like nothing in the world. Downtime? I don’t know what you are talking about! Crazy kids and their downtime.

Thoughts, comments, yadda yadda. Post ‘em!

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