Beta Impressions: Day 1 as Survival and a Death Knight

UPDATE: I was uploading the videos at home, but when I tried to remote desktop into my computer it says it is offline and the videos have not finished uploading. It makes me wonder if our power went out or the Internet flickered. They will be posted as soon as I can.

I will mention this later in the post, but I thought I would bring it up now. I have three videos being uploaded as we speak and once they are done I will edit this post and embed them in it. Moving on . . . How shall we get this started? By heading out to Northrend of course!

The new zeppelin tower is just west as you go out of the gates of Orgrimmar. And the new Zeppelin looks pretty sweet. :)

I started off by speccing 0/10/51 and picked up Explosive Shot to see it’s awesomeness. And it did not fail to deliver. Arriving at Warsong Hold was daunting as the place is huge in comparison to your other cities you might be used to. So I spent a few minutes navigating the area to familiarize myself with it. I was surprised to see find High Overlord Saurfang had relocated out to Northrend, now sporting Tier 6. Although he still his same High Warlord Axe, because that’s just how he rolls.

[Explosive Shot] is currently sharing a cooldown with Arcane Shot which pretty much took Arcane Shot out of my rotation.I picked up my starting quests and moved out. And the first thing I thought once I started fighting a mob? Explosive Shot is awesome. At least it sure feels that way. It is currently sharing a cooldown with Arcane Shot which pretty much took Arcane Shot out of my rotation because its damage is awesome. Especially with the news that Arcane Shot is most likely losing its dispel mechanic and having it attached to Tranquilizing Shot. Having 51 points in Survival, in its current form, pretty removes the need for Arcane Shot once it has no dispel mechanism.

I hadn’t received any new ranks of skills yet obviously so I was able to tear through mobs with almost no downtime. As I managed to hit 71, I received the second rank of Steady Shot so we will see what that does to my mana. The last thing I did last night was respec to Beast Mastery and plan on running 71-72 spamming the crap out of Steady Shot and see what happens.

The huge thing to note is the un-linking of Auto Shot. I am uploading a couple videos and if you pay very close attention you will probably be able to see Auto Shot go off while I am casting Steady Shot. What will this do for DPS? I am not sure yet, but it’s safe to say that it will net us a gain of some sort. I am hoping to try out the first 5-man instances tonight and see how it goes. But word on the street is that everyone and their dog wants Survival Hunters in their group for Hunting Party. And can you blame them? It is friggin’ awesome. In the videos you can see it proc all the time.

My Ghost Wolf finally had a reason to come out of the stables and stretch his legs. I looked over the talents and specced him into something like this. I am going to see about taming myself a Tenacity pet to tank for me as well, to see how that goes.

One of the highlights was definitely meeting up with D.E.H.T.A, who have declared war on Nessingwary. I undertook a number of quests to capture is lackeys in bear traps, collect ears, and kill named people who on any other continent would have rewarded me with a green quest reward. It was highly entertaining to be on the flip-side of it. The camp for these D.E.H.T.A was circled by Druids in various forms. Crows perched on rocks, bears patrolling around. And a gigantic statue of Hemet Nessingwary in a fire.

After I hit 71 I decided I couldn’t refrain myself any longer and made myself a Death Knight. And I must admit, the starting 3 levels is amazing. If you keep up on MMOs you probably heard how Age of Conan had you play like 20 levels by yourself to tell a story. Well, the Death Knight starting zone tells a story too, but with other people around so you aren’t actually alone. And it is geek-lore heaven.

Blizzard really pulled out some nice tricks for this one. For example, as you lay siege to a town, slaughtering its inhabitants, you eventually head back up to Ebon Hold to turn a quest. You don’t have your talents to begin with, but gain the points as you complete quests.The quest giver has you report to the Lich King down below, and when you return the city you just laid siege to has been finished off. The town is burning, buildings are torn down, and the few remaining survivors are making a desperate flee for the last bastion they have in the area. As you do quests, the reward you with a set of blue gear, piece-by-piece. Trinkets, rings, and all. And of course talent points. You don’t have your talents to begin with, but gain the points as you complete quests.

The quests hand out experience like no tomorrow. It took only a couple hours to go from 55 to 58 which also netted me an awesome set of gear and a PvP trinket to boot. There is definitely some awesome potential for role-players here as well. One simple quest involves you going into a building to execute a prisoner who recognizes you from life, saying that they knew you in life etc etc. The whole series is rich with lore.

And the culmination of the chain you are returned back to Ebon Hold, free of the Lich King, as the Knights of the Ebon Blade have pledged themselves to fighting the Lich King. Look how tough I was!

I have three videos uploading to Viddler right now. You will be able to see them right here when they are done. I will update this post as well and embed them where they fit. There are 3 videos. One is me fighting an elite mob for a quest chain with the help of an NPC. I have terrible pet management as I let my pet die twice, since he rezzed through Heart of the Phoenix. I mean . . ermm . . I meant to let him die to illustrate. Yeah, that’s it. The second video is a compilation of things showing Explosive Shot, and the third one is my Death Knight aboard a Frost Wyrm, nuking every living being in sight.

Time to wrap this up for now. Questions, comments, thoughts, leave ‘em here!

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