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Last night was fairly uneventful. We finished clearing Black Temple and actually one-shot Illidan. Nice. Still no bow. Not nice. And another crappy dagger. Very not nice.

So today I have a few things I felt like bringing up. And they aren’t Warcraft related. First of all…

Dr. Horrible. Starring Nathan Fillion (of Firefly/Serenity fame), Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother, Starship Troppers), and Felicia Day (from “The Guild”) apparently all got together with Joss Wheddon during the Writer’s strike. And the came up with this.

All I can say is that it is a big ball of win! Seriously, how can you go wrong with “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog?” Act 2 is currently available for free streaming on the site right now. I know that I purchased all 3 Acts through iTunes for 4 bucks to help support the awesome work that Joss and these guys do. I know I loved “The Guild” and you better believe I am a Firefly geek! I’ve got the multiple t-shirts to prove it. I highly recommend watching it. And if you are a Joss fan, help support these guys and dropping the 4 bucks to purchase the episodes.

No, I am not starting to put advertisements up on the blog. But I loved Firefly so much I can’t help but promote this. I missed Firefly while it was on TV. I cannot let another travesty happen!

Ok, secondly, rant.

I read a lot of web comics. Some I have bookmarked, some I just remember to go to. You know why I read web comics? To laugh. To see something funny. Whether it is a game comic or whatever. Wednesday’s are great because that means there is a new Zero Punctuation. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get a new Penny-Arcade. And every weekday there are new PvP Online and Least I Could Do. These go along with GU Comics, My Extra Life, and LFG.

So what is the point of me rattling off all these comics? If you frequent sites such as these like I do, there is one missing you may notice. And that is Control Alt Del Online. Why? Apparently he decided to stop being funny. I know a lot of people stopped liking CAD a bit ago. But I kept reading. There were a lot of great gems in there. But for at least a couple weeks now he has been running with the story arc of the main character’s fiance having a miscarriage. That’s some touchy stuff for a lot of people right there.

But I decided to ride it out and see how long it would last. And it’s going on far too long. I haven’t enjoyed any of the comics in the past two weeks now. And just when you think the story is about to move on and get back to, you know, humor and gaming, he continues to drag it on. The funniest thing he has posted in weeks have been the sketch drawing on the front page. So yeah, I pretty much stopped reading CAD. I don’t enjoy it. I don’t go browsing web comics for thoughts and reflections on life’s hardships and misfortunes. While it has a place in life, for me, it is not in the web comics I read.

Ok, rant off.

Tonight we are going to the midnight showing of the Dark Knight. And I am excited as is the rest of the world I would imagine. Go home and take a nap, raid, go to Batman. Not a bad afternoon/evening.

If you get a chance, you might also consider visiting Death Knight Info to vote on the Design-A-Rune contest from the selection their users have sent in.

The Raid Designer is coming along quite nicely. I am at the point where I am trying to make a buff list for a given group to populate automatically based off which classes are in the group and what spec each person is. The trick is getting it to check to see if that buff is already present. Big thanks to my buddies Jon (Band Geeks and Bag o Cool) and Tom (Not sure what his blog is) for the tech support. They are far smarter than me :)

Which reminds me of an old project we did . . . at work . . . while being paid. Candroid versus the Acrobots! It’s what we did when we weren’t playing around with Flash and Flex all day.

Ok, sorry about the randomness today. Any thoughts or comments, leave em!

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