Looking at Kalecgos

Our guild decided to make a serious venture into Sunwell last night. After clearing the trash, we got in 8 or 9 solid attempts in on Kalecgos. And I must say, we did rather well. Our best attempt brought Kaelcgos down to 26% and Sathrovarr the Corruptor to 32%.
If you are unfamiliar with the fight, let me lay it down real quick. The raid starts on a small balcony-ish area with Kalecgos. Every so often a portal will open on a player, taking them to an alternate dimension where Kalecgos’ human form is fighting Sathrovarr. The person who was ported, along with a tank and a couple healers and some other DPS uses the portal that spawns to go to the alternate reality as well in order to help kill Sathrovarr. Your raid has to kill Sathrovarr first to help free Kaelcgos from his corruption.

We are looking to go back tonight instead of doing Black Temple or Hyjal provided we have the proper class composition. A pair of Starstalker Legguards or Gronnstalker’s Bracer would be pretty awesome. :)

Phuzuda, my fledgling Shadow Priest, hit level 40 last night. The day before the implement level 30 mounts. Go figure. Not pictured in this . . picture is him wearing his awesome M. Bison hat.

I am making decent progress on the raid designer. I was able to get certain element properties to become draggable from one component to another. If I get it even remotely working today, I will host it up for people to check out.

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