Jan’Alai in a nutshell. World PvP, and DKP Systems

So, we didn’t run a ZA last night. But that’s OK, I can still make a snazzy little diagram for the Jan’Alai fight. So here we have Jan’Alai in a nutshell.

“Help, I’m in a nutshell. How did I get in this nutshell?” Sorry, it’s one of the few Austin Powers quotes I still find funny. But seriously folks . . .

Jan’Alai – The Dragonhawk
Phase 1: During the first Phase, your tank should grab Jan’Alai and tank him near the pile of bones in back-left corner (relative to where you approach the platform).

All other players should move onto the platform bridge on the left-sideAll other players should move onto the platform bridge on the left-side except for the healer(s) that are going to keep the tank alive and a single DPS who will be killing the hatcher that would be heading to the right side. The reason you do this is so that no one can get hit by the Flame Breath except the tank or the tank healer(s) since everyone else is out of line of sight.

Keep the left side hatcher alive until you feel you have allowed him to pop a sufficient number of eggs. If you are not doing a timed run, you should be able to allow half the eggs to pop, and then finish off the side when the second round of hatchers come. If you feel confident in your AoE tank and your AoE or if you are doing a timed run, it is recommended to allow all the eggs to pop.

Phase 2: Phase 2 is the same as Phase 1, except your raid should move to the right-side egg platform, as well has having your tank position Jan’Alai in the back-right corner (adjacent to where he was) to continue preventing Jan’Alai from casting Flame Breath on the raid.

Depending on your proximity to him, he might teleport you to his locationDragonball Phase: At various points during the fight, Jan’Alai will cover the platform with a number of spheres made out of fire. Depending on your proximity to him, he might teleport you to his location when this phase starts if he thinks you are too far away. The key to this phase is to quickly move to a location that is open and not be in contact with any of the Dragonballs. I am desperately refraining from making the “over 9000″ joke. :) After a few seconds, the Dragonballs will explode doing a significant amount of damage. If you get hit by a couple, you will die.

Hunter Tip: If you were on the bridge/egg platform killing the hatchlings (you were, weren’t you?), you will get teleported to Jan’Alai. However, your faithful pet who was fighting at your side will not. If your pet comes running towards you, he will run through a wall of fire that Jan’Alai put up to prevent you from crossing on to or off of the bridge, which will inevitably kill him.

If you are quick, it is highly advised to put your pet on “Stay” the moment you get teleported. That will case your pet to remain on the bridge and not take any damage and can resume fighting once the walls of fire go down and the Dragonballs have exploded.

Phase 3: Once you have cleared both sides of the eggs, your tank should then move Jan’Alai to the center of the platform so your raid can make a complete circle around him. This way, when he chooses to Dragon Breath someone, they are the only one getting hit.

At 30%, Jan’Alai will do a mini-Enrage as well as pop any remaining eggs on the platforms. But of course, you killed them all, so you can focus on DPS and keeping the tank alive. :)

You will continue to need to avoid Dragonballs for the duration of the fight, but if you manage these steps you can get some shiny Jan’Alai loot!

And for visual representation, we created this handy Flash video. :) Make note that depending on your raid composition, the third healer can very well be another DPS. And if you are running a timed ZA will will definitely need it to be another DPS.

We killed Illidan last night for our third time. The raid was shaky, but everyone managed to pull it together. And lucky for me I frapsed the kill attempt. Unlucky for me is that my demo of Sony Vegas ran out and I don’t think I can drop $80 to purchase it. I really want to cut this video together, because all-in-all, it was a clean kill outside of the tank dying at 5% right as he changed to a Demon phase. And with the power of Misdirection and Shield Wall, our Fire Resist tanks were able to take the last 5% so we could get the kill.

Still no Bow for myself nor Warglaive for our Rogues, but our tank did get the Shield, and I did get my Tier 6 Breastplate. That’s 4 pieces of Tier 6, so we now get a set bonus of 10% more Steady Shot damage.

So I light our Bonfire, grab my 60 minutes of 10% more XP, and walk out of town, only to get killed by a Warlock.On a completely unrelated note, I was leveling my Priest late last night once I realized I couldn’t edit my Illidan video. I head out to Tarren Mill at 2 AM or something and was going to do some random quests to try to accomplish my leveling goal. So I light our Bonfire, grab my 60 minutes of 10% more XP, and walk out of town, only to get killed by a Warlock. Twice.

So I logged on to Drotara, ported to the Undercity, and flew myself down to Tarren Mill. And killed him. Twice. He left after that. So I leave Drotara there, log back on the Priest, rebuff, and . . . BAM. Arcane Shot. Sigh.

Relog, kill Hunter twice. Well, I will spare you the boring details from here on out. But I ended up killing this Hunter 4 times, a Rogue once, a different Warlock 3 times, and a Warrior 3 times. Because they felt like they would act tough by attacking Tarren Mill at almost 3 AM my time. I ended up doing more PvP than I did leveling. Including some level 32 Druid who failed at ganking my Priest. What an evening it was. :)

I also have a question for everyone. My guild is looking to migrate to a new DKP system. Preferably something automated that just has some type of log file update, similar to how WWS works so they don’t have to manually enter names and items received every night. Does anyone use a nice system that they would recommend?

This is a long post, time to end it. Questions, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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