Illidan has crappy loot! Random Ramblings

It’s true. So we went back to tie-up our loose ends in Black Temple. Namely those loose ends being Illidan. And after a couple of wipes due to ridiculously stupid stuff (Mages dying to their own parasites? Huh?) we downed him with the chant of “Glaive” coming from our raid leader and the chant “Bow” coming from me.

And what did we get? Shroud of the Highborne and another Shard of Azzinoth. Can Illidan have bad loot? Yes, yes he can. And these are the worse two items on the table.

And holy crap, our server *finally* got our gem vendor up. Chaos ensued. Gear got re-gemmed. Guild jewelcrafters were bombarded with tells for cuts. And now my gemming looks the way I want it to. Check it out, it’s pretty hawt. :)

We are desperately close to the 900 unbuffed Agility mark. If I decided to switch to something like a Shivering Felspine, my Agility would go up to ~895. Super awesome. I would be giving up my Armor Penetration, so further testing would be needed. But holy cow, 900 Agility. I wants it.

Myself and a few guildies spent a little time last night browsing WoW-Heroes to we could compare the “gear score” it gave us, to brag about who was more awesome. So far I am second-highest in rating, right behind our tank. :) I pulled in a ’954′ score. Type yourself in and tell us what you got!

The site is a little prettier than but Be Imba provides a little more useful information, such as how much more hit, expertise, etc to be at caps. But both are pretty nifty and can be quite handy.

I am in the process of uploading my videos to Vimeo. They have a cap on how much you can upload a week, but the quality is nice. Much better than some sites. And a little more functional than Filefront. Plus they have a couple fun widgets I can use for the site if I so choose.

There are a couple projects I want to try. Neither one may take off or get finished. But the ideas are fun. The first one is a DKP front-end using Adobe Flex. Importing the XML that is generated from MagicDKP and reading it in from a mySQL database and then using the awesomeness of Flex to view and work with the data.

The second idea is also using Flex. The concept popped into my head last night, and it was a raid builder. You would essentially choose the size of your raid and then drag and drop classes into raid slots after specifying what spec they are. You could then see what buffs the party would get to give a visual representation when trying to put together the optimal raid set-up. For those times where you need to come up with the best Brutallus group with your current raiding members. > >

We’ll see how either one of those go. Short post. No pictures. But if you have any questions or comments, you know what to do!

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