Hunter Talents – Confirmed? Probably. Awesome? Yes.

o check this out if you haven’t already seen them:
Confirmed? I don’t know. But they do look pretty good I think.

The talents that are listed here are perfectly in-line with the changes from the Beta patch notes, so it’s either legit information or someone at MMO-Champion spend a lot of time making things up.

Starting off with the current DPS champion, the Beast Mastery tree:

Beast Mastery

The bottom half of the tree looks exactly the same so far, and the changes don’t begin to appear until we hit the 41 point level with the lone exception of…

Master’s Call: This ability causes your pet to attempt to remove all Snare and Movement Impairing effects on a target and makes them immune to them for 4 seconds. “Attempt” is the part that makes me nervous. 7% of your base mana with a one minute cooldown. It could prove to be awesome.

Every time your pet scores a critical hit you instantly gain 1% of your mana back.Invigorate: The first new talent that we come across does not disappoint in my opinion. Every time your pet scores a critical hit you instantly gain 1% of your mana back. The bigger mana pool you have, the more effective this becomes. With a pool of 8000 mana you would obviously get 80 mana back, almost enough for a “Efficiency” Steady Shot. Given the up-time of Ferocious Inspiration this could go a long way in assisting with the concept of chain-chugging Fel Mana Potions.

Longevity: In my opinion there is nothing bad about this talent. It reduces the cooldown of Intimidation, Bestial Wrath and Pet Abilities by 30%. No matter how you look at it, this is a DPS increase. Obviously using Bestial Wrath every 1 minute 24 seconds will provide more DPS over the course of a fight, but also shortening the cooldown of Pet Abilities should increase pet DPS as well.

Cobra Strikes: Another talent that is going to work in your favor to slightly boost DPS but also indirectly affect mana issues. Combined with Invigorate, this talent makes your pet guaranteed to gain a critical strike on it’s next 3 attacks, which will not only guarantee a Ferocious Inspiration up-time increase but also a 3% mana gain. And that’s something we can all appreciate.

Aspect Mastery: As this talent sounds, it makes your Aspects, at least the frequently used ones, more effective. Viper will return 10% more mana, Monkey will reduce damage taken by 10% and Hawk will provide 50% more Attack Power.

Beast Mastery [NYI]: So this talent doesn’t have a name yet, but it says it will allow for the taming of Exotic Pets and increase Pet Skill points by 5. If I understand that correctly, we will have 5 more points for our pet’s talent trees. Hmm . . .

Potential BM Build

Also of note: Spirit Bond is still terrible.


First, holy crap. The first thing I notice here . .  Mortal Shots moved down to the second tier of talents, allowing us to pick it up after only 5 points. What this essentially does is free up the 20 points *every* Hunter has (better have!) in MM for the talent. It opens up windows! Lots of em. But as a result, it was swapped with Efficiency.

Focused Aim: We finally get our own interruption prevention for Steady Shot. It will bring it to a 70% chance, similar to healers talents that bring their interruption ignore to 70% as well.

Careful Aim: Not a new talent, but moved up the tree and vastly improved. Instead of just 45% of your Intellect being turned into Attack Power, now 100% of it is. Opting for mail instead of leather is looking better and better.

Piercing Shots: This gives Hunters a 6% passive Armor Penetration. Not too shabby.

Rapid Recuperation: Simple and to the point, reduces all the shot costs by 60% while under the effects of Raid Fire.

Wild Quiver: Hm. Has a 10% chance when dealing damage with Auto Shot to fire another shot dealing 60% damage. I can see this working very well depending on how often it will proc.

Kill Shot has a 6 second cooldown and costs 475 mana, so it is easy to see this becoming a staple in a MM rotation.Improved Steady Shot: According to MMO-Champion, Kill Shot reads “You attempt to finish the wounded target off, firing a long range attack dealing weapon damage plus [RAP * 0.15 + 325]. Causes an additional 745 to 825 bonus damage against targets at or under 20% health.” So what this talent is going to do is provide a 15% on a Steady Shot hit (not crit) to increase the damage done by your next Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, and Kill Shot by 15% and reducing it’s mana cost by 40%. Kill Shot has a 6 second cooldown and costs 475 mana, so it is easy to see this becoming a staple in a MM rotation.

Marked for Death: Is straight up awesome in a bottle. Keep Hunter’s Mark on a target and gain a 5% damage increase as well 10% more critical strike damage. Wrap it up and take it home!

It consumes your Sting on a target and has various effects depending which sting was applied.Chimera Shot: Utility. Until numbers are tried and tested, whether or not the changes to the MM tree can swing with BM again, we can tell you that Chimera Shot seems fairly robust. It consumes your Sting on a target and has various effects depending which sting was applied. Serpent Sting will still probably be a waste of a global cooldown, but the other two might prove awesome. The highest rank of Viper Sting will drain 3092 mana without talents. That would mean that Chimera Shot would return 927 mana. But since the cost of Chimera Shot is 540, you only gain 387 mana out of the ordeal, if you ignore the cost of Viper Sting. Which just so happens to be 610 mana. Good for PvP? Yes. Good for PvE? No real gain.

Scorpid Sting on the other-hand. You know how the Survival Hunter is the person who brings EW? And he may or not be the same guy bringing iHM? And the person who is in charge of Scorpid Sting? Let me introduce you to the Chimera Shot whore. The person who’s job it will be to keep Scorpid-Chimera on the boss every 10 seconds.

Potential MM Build


Improved Tracking: This is a great talent, robust and useful. It increases the damage done to a target being tracked. Track Undead? You better believe we will be using it now. Along with Demons, Dragonkin, and everything else that we haven’t had a need to look for in a long time.

Deterrence: Not a new talent, but worth noting that a 60% spell resist chance was added. This should provide some usefulness outside of the “Oh crap the tank died and he’s on me” moments.

Improved Feign Death: Also not new, but added a line about taking 30% less damage while feigned. Not too shabby.

Potent Venom: Ehh . . .  maybe. It increases the damage to targets under the affect of Wyvern Sting or Serpent Sting by 3%. It sounds good, but having to keep Serpent Sting up? Maybe, maybe not. If it said Scorpid Sting . . .

Point of No Escape: This looks like a great PvP talent in my opinion. It increases the critical strike chance of  all attacks made against targets affected by your Frost, Freezing or Bear Trap. By the way Bear Trap says “Place a bear trap that locks onto the first enemy that approaches, rooting them and causing [RAP * 0.1 + 1575] Bleed damage over 10 sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Trap will exist for 1 min. Only one trap can be active at a time.” Well, since Freezing will break when you hit them, the bonus is gone. Bear Trap has a chance to break on damage. So that leaves Frost Trap as a long-term effect for the talent to take effect. And since most boss mobs are immune to snare effects . . .  it will be awesome on the AV bridge.

Sniper Training: This talent increases the damage done by Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, and Explosive Shot by 6% if you are more than 30 yards away. Kill Shot also gets a 15% crit chance increase on targets with less than 30% health.

Hunting Party: Zomgyesplzwhowantstobeinmypartynowholycrap. I mean, this talent is awesome. It has a 100% chance on a crit shot to restore 2% mana, 10 Energy, 4 Rage, or 10 Runic Power to everyone in your party, with an interla 8 second cooldown. This talent is awesome. Who loves me now?

Explosive Shot: This is a new AoE shot we get that does 760 Fire Damge every second for 2 seconds to all enemies within 5 yards of the target. Great single target DPS? Nah. More for us to do other than Mulit-Shot and cast Volley to be funny? Yes.

Potential Hunter Build – This one is a little harder. It hinges on whether or not Serpent Sting will be worth keeping up on a target or not. Otherwise the points might as well go into the buffed Master Tactician.

A little more has come out about Death Knights obviously. As always has some awesome information. Checking out this gives you an interesting idea of what Runes are going to do. Not to mention the opening cinematic for Death Knights is up, which I can just link right here. EDIT: It got removed or the link broke.

There is no NDA for the beta so you can expect tons of information. About everything. It will be a beast to keep up on it all. Let’s wrap up this smorgasbord. Questions, comments, sources, confirmations, etc. Leave ‘em here!

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