Hunter Beta Videos and Video Hosting

So despite the order of things listed in the title, I want to bring up video hosting. Just recently I switched to Vimeo to do my video hosting for the stuff I make for the blog. But yesterday they decided that it was not to be. On their blog they laid out what they call their new upload rules. The part that cripples me (and I am sure tons of other people) is the part that reads:

Specifically, we are no longer going to allow game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, fraps, or any other video gaming videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game. Videos falling into this category will be subject to deletion as of September 1st; new videos of this type will be removed.

Seriously? What baffles me even more is their reasoning behind it. Because apparently they are still going to allow Machinima, so if you are telling a cheesy story (which a lot of them are. There are a few great ones!) you are OK. But then they go on to say this:

Further, such videos may expose Vimeo to liability from the game creator(s), as we have already seen action from popular video game companies against videos such as these.

I am sorry, but if a video game creator is contacting you because they are unhappy with someone using footage of their game, they are going to still be unhappy someone is using footage even if they are trying to tell a cute story. There might be a lot of bad footage of video games on Vimeo, but there are just as terrible, if not worse, videos of other topics too. They also claim it is about the resources, but rather than making stricter requirements about the quality/length/etc of all videos uploaded, they are targeting a subsection of their users. And given the popularity of using Vimeo for folks like me, I am going wager this is a fairly large subsection. There are more than just a few of us from World of Warcraft, and plenty of others from other video games cutting footage together.

But whatever. Their site, their rules. I know I hate expanding communities and site growth though. /shrug

So moving on, we have seen plenty of Death Knight footage floating around, and I think it is about time we got to see some footage about Hunters, eh? Lucky for us, Treisk is starting to deliver. To start off, how about a video showing what Explosive Shot can do, as well as a Crocalisk flaunting their new Retaliation-esque skill? Absolutely!

Low level mobs? Sure. But the damage it is doing is nice. Volley is factoring AP and can crit. Fun changes! Here is to hoping that Treisk will be kind enough to show off some more footage.

So this is a birthday post! I am now the ripe old age of 26. My wife’s siblings (and her parents) know me so well. One of them (and his wife and cute kids) bought me an awesome “For the Horde” t-shirt that I will indeed proudly wear in public. Her other brother picked up one of the awesome World of Warcraft Collectible Figure things, which will adorn my desk. And her parent’s got me a gift card to the local game shop to feed my Collectible Card Game addiction. :)

Pictures of the phat loot:


Epic. :) And tomorrow I take the night off from raiding (since I have Thursday off) so my friends and I can have a throw-back Diablo 2 party. With a full 8 people. Good times all around.

I am thinking a Hammerdin. Named CaptainHammer. Smells like win. :)
(“Stand back everyone there’s nothing here to see. Just imminent danger, and in the middle of it, me. Captain Hammer’s here, hair blowing in the breeze. The city needs my saving expertise . . .”)

Thoughts, comments, etc. Post ‘em!

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