Here’s to you stupid people in BRD! And other people who ganked my alt!

 Allow me to recount a humorous tale that happened to me in Blackrock Depths the other night. Despite my better judgment, knowing that questing would provide better experience, I accepted an offer to come do Blackrock Depths. I was assured the run would be smooth, as there was a level 70 Hunter running us through. So I accepted and found myself in a group with the level 70 Hunter, two Hunters near level 50, and a level 50 Rogue. I thought to myself, no biggie. Just keep the lowbies topped off and profit. Right?

Yeah, well, no.

Well after the first 5 pulls, I died twice from residual healing aggro since our fearless level 70 was completely oblivious to what was going on around him. Whatever. Run back, and we move on. Shortly after a pair of plate shoulders drop, which we all happily roll greed. I win these and disenchant them on the spot. Gotta restock those materials after giving them free enchants before the run started, ya know?

Well, Savanne (you better believe I am linking names) asked if he could have them. When I inquired why, he said “for my other characters. he’s a pally and enchanter too.” I obviously responded no, as I had disenchanted them, once again, citing those enchants I gave them earlier. Topic over, and we moved on.

Sort of. Maybe 3 pulls later, a cloth belt drops, “of the Owl” or something, which we all roll greed. Except for Savanne here, who waits till we all roll, and promptly hits need. Seriously? I believe my exact sentence was “Does your other character wear cloth too?” He then had the audacity to say “lol i dunno about but we have lots of characters.” I responded “So do I, but I don’t roll need on items for them when I am not on that character.” They then tried to tell me how I was getting a free run, blah blah.

Suddenly, group leadership gets turned over to Briia. I can see where this is going. I get removed from the group. My respone was:

They try to reinvite me to the group, but I decline. Unfortunately for them, I know this trick. As my auto-port starts ticking, the level 70 Hunter comes around the corner with a literal crapton of mobs. Sorry sir! No Misdirection for you! I watch them die just as I finish getting auto-ported to the Undercity where I respec back to Shadow and move along my merry way back to Felwood. The level 70 was the main of this retarded guy. He was in the group first, until he left and they said he was bringing his Hunter, who’s name is pretty much the same thing, but just retardedly spelled in a different way.

Story number 2! If anything, you’ll learn that I am a vengful player. Very much so, to the humor of my wife and guildies. I am out questing in Western Plaguelands, doing my thing at one of the fields. When I get Frostbolted by a mage named Manna. Well, I am really not in the mood to deal with Alliance, so I promptly log, port to Undercity and run out there. Now this Mage had a couple minutes to vacate the area, so I wondered if I would find him. But I am a Hunter after all, so Track Humanoids is a blessing. And of course a /tar Manna macro.

Oh look. There he is, just north of the field, near some Scarlet folks. Well, it obviously wasn’t much of a fight. But I did proceed to dance on his corpse and laugh at him. So I moved Drotara near the fields again, logged back on my Priest and continued on my way.

Only to get jumped (story number 3!) by a Druid, named Đruid (except the line through the ‘D’ looked like a ~). Seriously? Manna and Đruid? Really? Well, I haven’t traveled far, so 30 seconds later I am back on Drotara, and, oh look. 15 yards away is Đruid. Who dies. And tries to rez in stealth, completely oblivious that the 17 level gap between us works wonders for Track Hidden. So he dies again.

Needless to say, I quested peacefully for the rest of the evening and managed to squeek out a couple levels, hitting level 54.

So there is obviously tons and tons of beta information floating around we can continually talk about, like the nerf to Hunting Party. But I woudl like to know if there is any topics you folks would be interested in seeing? Anything about game mechanics got ya down, boss fights, etc. Post ‘em in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

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