Help e-mail and the varying responses. Lots of Wrath talk!

So I noticed something last night, while not a big deal, in fact, it was a great idea. Every now and then I get e-mail from folks asking for advice about specs, gear, talents, etc. Sometimes it’s simple, such as x piece of gear or y piece of gear for a given situation. Sometimes it’s an entire character critique. I received one a couple days ago that I responded to, and was actually surprised to see the same message up on BRK. I definitely like the person’s thought process, eliciting feedback from multiple sources in order to make a decision.

Because the worst thing you can do is to run into the Arena frustrated by your last loss only to play poorly againAnother interesting thing I noticed was how varied the responses were to their e-mail. And while a lot of the stuff BRK stated may be true, there is something to be said about someone with 450 Resilience. But in the end, he never really did answer the question. But that doesn’t mean a lot of what he said was right, regarding talking about tactics or issues you ran into. Because the worst thing you can do is to run into the Arena frustrated by your last loss only to play poorly again, furthering the frustration.

That being said, it should be noted that any e-mails you send me, unless specifically stated otherwise, will not be published on the site. Sometimes people don’t care if other folks know what their asking, but even though your third grade teacher told you there were no stupid questions, there were always those times you needed an answer to something without the whole class hearing you ask it.

We managed to get to kill Diablo at 3:30 AM before we called it a night/morning.The Diablo 2 party was a (“I’m making a note here”) huge success. But it did solidify my belief in the fact I hate Vista. We also had to find native installers for Intel-based Macs for one of my friends. But barring out that, we got it rolling easily enough, after we had some barbeque salmon and chicken. We managed to kill Diablo at 3:30 AM before we called it a night/morning. Good times all around. One of my friend’s cousin who joined us, I found out, is a WoW junkie who’s guild is currently working their way through SSC. As he put it, “This is great. None of my friends play so it’s nice to have someone who understands what I am talking about.” Yes, we do. :)

And only by having those extra 5 points from the 51-point BM talent will you be able to access them.So if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Wowhead Pet Talent Calculators I recommend you do so. And then make special note of all the awesome talents down at the bottom of the trees. And bring yourself to the realization that only BM Hunters can get them. At level 80 your pet will have a total of 16 talent points, and only by having those extra 5 points from the 51-point BM talent will you be able to access them.

Do those talents out-weigh things like Hunting Party, Marked for Death, or does it solidify Beast Mastery as still being able to be the premiere raid spec? The word I have heard from the beta is that you see LFG Survival Hunter quite frequently. Between having a real AoE in the form of Explosive Shot and the gloriousness of Hunting Party, the desirability of us Survival folks seems through the roof. Put that Bestial Wrath in your pipe and smoke it!
EDIT: Nevermind about BM only stuff!

I wanted to clear this up since it is understandably causing some confusion.

All pet tiers cost 3 points to advance. There are no talents that cost 5 points. In the beta some tooltips may say 5 but only 3 is enforced.

Most importantly this means that there are not talents that are available only to BM hunters. They can get more talents – that’s all.

Furthemore, the exotic pet abilities while interesting are just the same kind of unique abilities that every pet family gets, like web or prowl.

Hope that clears some things up. :)

From what I can tell, Blizzard is putting a huge emphasis on bringing buffs to the table. Almost every class is getting better buffs that they can bring to the raid or group table, or if they aren’t getting something new, their existing buffs will be raid-wide. Except Rogues. Poor ‘lil guys. Earth and Moon from Boomkins increases the Nature and Arcane damage a targets takes, by up to 10%. Paladins that cleanse will have a chance to apply resistance to Magic and Diseases and Poison on the target. Not to mention Death Knights and their Presences. Frost Presence will increase their party’s health by 6% if they spec into it, Unholy Presence will increase movement speed by 10%. And improved Blood Presence will provide residual healing for anyone in their party. It’s all about stacking buffs.

So I think Viddler is going to be my new new video hosting service since Vimeo bailed on us. It has some nice features, as I mentioned, and loads pretty quickly. The quality still isn’t as superb as what Stage9 was, but it will get the job done.

Also, Google just released something called “Knols“, which is essentially a simple article system for people who want to write a “how-to” without actually putting together a full blog. Ah Google, always giving us sweet stuff. Check it out -> How To: Cheeky’s

Hopefully you were able to follow along with today’s ramblings as I jumped from topic to topic. If you have any questions or comments, leave ‘em here. Or of course, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

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