Don Carlos’ ain’t got nuttin’ on me!

So we had a rough time in Black Temple last night, spending far too many attempts on Gurtogg Bloodboil. So let’s talk about happy things! Like our 4 Hunter 1 Shaman 5v5 Arena team!

After our raid last night we formed “It needs more Hunters.” The composition was Wannabecow, Atroxus, Badhitman, Doittoit, and myself. And we did better than we thought. After briefly stopping at 1575 so people could go buy bracers, we rolled on to 1600, where I bought my Brutal Gladiator’s Chain Armor. We continued to play and we ended up at like 1637 or so (the Armory isn’t updated with the team yet), which wasn’t too shabby. The final win/loss ratio was 15-7 or something.

The funniest combination we fought was the 4 Mage 1 Shaman team, which we took 18 points from. I guess their plan on sheeping and PoM-Pyroblasting people doesn’t work when you can’t cast and most of the team can’t be sheeped. We fought a couple other higher-rated teams that we lost 7 points to, but all-in-all the focus train ate people alive. Only against the well-coordinated teams with healers on their toes did we lose. Because we came out of that gate like bats out of hell unloading on the first target we could get our hands on. Even if it was a Warrior.

All the Hunters stayed as BM while I specced into MM to provide the Silencing Shot and Scatter Shot. It was good times.

And then after Arena, myself and a couple folks decided we needed to go obtain the fattest of the fat loot . . . Don Carlos’ Famous Hat. Want to get your own sweet hat? Get yourself a tank, healer, and one, two, or three DPS and head into heroic Caverns of Time: Hillsbrad. Follow the road that leads in front of Southshore until you spot Don Carlos and his dog Guerrero. Tank ‘n spank Don and his dog, loot the hat, and zone out. Change the dungeon difficulty to normal, reset the instances, and then back to heroic. Zone back in and kill Don until everyone has a hat. We did this last night 4 times. Ignore the “You are now saved to this instance” message, as he will respawn.

And once you do, you can have sweet pictures like these! Sure to make everyone jealous. Especially Pike! ;)

Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. :) Questions, comments, concerns. Leave ‘em here!

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