Bow Comparison: Raid, Old Faces

As I mentioned, we went and cleared out Hyjal last night before the weekly reset, giving me the opportunity to test the Ancient Amani Longbow. It is going to be tricky to do an accurate comparison now that my Steady Shots are doing 10% more damage due to having 4 pieces of Tier 6 (Woot). But regardless, we can now look at the numbers and get a general idea.

Comparison 1: Rage Winterchill
WWS: From the previous week, WWS is reporting me as doing 1447 DPS on Rage with my Crossbow of Relentless Peacocks. I had a Shadow Priest and one of our BM Hunters in my party. However I did not get a Bloodlust that fight.

WWS: With the Ancient Amani Longbow, it is showing me as only pulling in 1226 DPS. However the group composition was significantly different. I did not have a Shadow Priest in my group and only regained 7000 mana as opposed to the 10,300 I gained the previous week. And while I did have a Bloodlust for this week, I had to move out of two Death and Decays while the previous week I was able to stay still the entire time.

Fight Conclusion:
Damage Done:
Crossbow of Relentless Strikes: 293,793
Ancient Amani Longbow: 293,120

DPS Time:
CoRS: 97%
ZA Bow: 90%

It’s a toss-up. While I had completely uninterrupted DPS time with the Badge Bow, I was also lucky enough to have a Shadow Priest making my mana-sucking spec a non-issue.

Comparison 2: Anetheron
WWS: With the Badge Bow, I pulled in a paltry 1055 for the duration of the fight. Judging by the WWS report, I did not receive a Bloodlust, but did receive a single Ferocious Inspiration, one Drums of Battle, and one of a lot of buffs.

I was also put to sleep by Anetheron twice while the previous week I was not slept at all.WWS: Apparently last night, I was really on top of my Anetheron DPS, as I brought down a 1432 DPS for the fight. I still didn’t receive a Bloodlust, but I did get Ferocious Inspiration 5 times, and used Berserker’s Call twice. I was also put to sleep by Anetheron twice while the previous week I was not slept at all.

Fight Conclusion:
Damage Done:
CoRS: 224,922
ZA Bow: 336,635

DPS Time:
CoRS: 82%
ZA Bow: 91%

In the end, it’s hard to tell if having less DPS time helped or hindered by DPS when I was using the Crossbow of Relentless Strikes. I also lost 20 seconds of DPS time by being put to sleep with the Ancient Amani Longbow. But there was definitely a gap in the amount of damage done between the two bows, as well as DPS. And it’s easy to see how the my guild loves to not give my Bloodlusts!

Comparison 3: Kaz’rogal
The raid kept Judgment of Wisdom up on the boss, which was a big help.WWS: With the CoRS I pulled in a impressive 1551 DPS for the fight. I downed a single Fel Mana Potion and the raid kept Judgment of Wisdom up on the boss, which was a big help, restoring almost 3000 Mana over the course of the fight. 4 Ferocious Inspirations and no Bloodlusts.

WWS: Ancient Amani Longbow helped us in putting out a decent 1313 DPS for this fight. While I did get a Bloodlust this time, I did not have a Judgment of Wisdom up on the boss, and our only other Mana regeneration came in the form of using Aspect of the Viper and 2 Super Mana Potions.

Fight Conclusion:
Damage Done:
CoRS: 285,540
ZA Bow: 266,575

DPS Time:
CoRS: 96%
ZA Bow: 96%

Comparison 4: Azgalor
WWS: 1238 DPS with CoRS. 2 Rapid Fires, chugged 2 Fel Mana Potions, and had to pop Aspect of the Viper.

WWS: 1339 DPS with the ZA Bow. I received 2 Bloodlusts, used Berserker’s Call three times, Rapid Fire twice, but only regained 3000 Mana from using Aspect of the Viper, causing me to have to stick to Auto Shots for the last 5%.

Fight Conclusion:
Damage Done:
CoRS: 369,117
ZA Bow: 370,920

DPS Time:
CoRS: 96%
ZA Bow: 95%

This is a hard one to call. At face value, the ZA Bow out-performed the Badge bow. But having received 2 Bloodlusts and being able to (read as: remembering to) use my trinket three times no doubt made a difference. But as this fight only happened last night, I know I ran out of Mana and was forced to Auto Shoot for 5-7%, living off of AotV for a stray Steady Shot here and there at the end.

Final Thoughts:
It’s tough to make a final decision. Obviously I cannot perfectly recreate each boss fight to put myself in a nice bubble world for flawless results. But at the same time, having these fluctuations are valuable too, to compare how things panned out in each varying situation.

If I was in the position to make a decision between spending 150 Badges or use the Ancient Amani Longbow that I had already picked up, I would personally take the Ancient Amani Longbow and use the badges to fill out some other item slots I might feel are lacking. The mileage you get out of the ZA Bow might be slightly different though, as I have previously stated, the Armor Penetration on it gets better the more you add.

Also make note that the Badge Bow is a lot better for BM than it is for Survival or Marksmanship. When I ran the Dr. Boom tests, remember that the Badge Bow won both of my DPS tests when I used the 3:2 macro. Take all of this into consideration when you make your Bow decision.

On completely unrelated news, Warbull re-activated his account and I am friggin’ excited! Moirainne hates me now for some reason but Warbull is back and that is sweet. We had a nice conversation last night about the good times we had back doing our weekly ZA and Karazhan back when this blog was young and fresh. Some of the old guild members (only like 5 remember him anyways) hold some ill-feeling towards him, but I am excited for him to be back. We ran a Karazhan last night just because we could.

Questions, comments, concerns? You know the drill!

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