Zul’Aman: Nalorakk and Halazzi

I meant to Fraps all 4 fights in ZA last night, but we got to Akil’zon so quickly that I forgot to press the record button. But I did remember to Fraps Nalorakk and Halazzi. I forgot Dragonhawk, but that was probably for the best, since that fight cost us our bear. We had approximately one minute left in the Halazzi fight when Hexlord sacrificed the prisoners, and that minute can be chalked up to rezzing people who died during Jan’alai. Including myself, although through no fault of my own. The Priest we brought is ridiculously squishy and died during Dragonhawk, and while he Soulstoned and was topping himself off, I got Flame Breathed and died. I was already low on health since there were few heals to go around.

1 minute. Bleh. But it definitely shows we are capable of doing it. A bit more survivability on Dragonhawk and we would have had a new bear mount.

I opted for a different kind of music for this video so I hope everyone likes it. I also did a bit more work with this video, including the addition of captions and boss voices. Please let me know what you think.

If you have the option, I would highly recommend actually downloading this video, as the compression did a great job in preserving the quality and looks great in my opinion. The Nalorakk fight also includes the trash clear, albeit sped up so it’s not too long and boring. The boss fights are at normal speed so you can see what’s going on.

I installed a new comment system yesterday so I don’t know how it is going to work. The option to comment apparently isn’t on the frontpage, so if you click on the post title and have it take you to the page specific for the post, the system is there. I will be looking into that. If you have been browsing the site, you probably also noticed that the metal borders were removed from the top of the site, as well as the section headers. The sidebars were replaced with rounded borders. This was done for visual reasons, and for load time reasons, as I am trying to cut back on the number of layout images or externally loaded items.

My DPS was not where I wanted it to be, and I am not sure why that is. I will have to see about fixing it next time we run ZA, as I am back to Survival for our upcoming raid week. I am sticking with the 5/20/36 build for now. I was tempted to pick up Focus Fire again, but in the end chose the extra 2 points in Thrill of the Hunter since I am never sure who is going to be in my group.

Questions, comments, or attempts to break the new comment system, do it here. :)

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