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If you frequent Wowhead, you may have noticed that they have added a new feature in their ever-growing repertoire of nifty tools. They added a bunch of handy search tools, but the big one was the addition of stat weighting. What this means is that Wowhead has a quick and easy way to determine a general upgrade list, or the quality of an item based off of what you find important. Wowhead also created handy profiles for most classes, which are still in development.

Let’s see what we can do with stat weighting when we don’t have our other options available to us. Browse on over to Wowhead and browse all items. Or just click here. By default Wowhead will only return 200 items, but that is fine, as we are going to filter our results down.

Click on “Create a Filter” and the top right to expand the filter menu. Let’s create this filter for level 70 gear only, for the sake of filtering the results. So type “70″ in the left box next to “Required Level.” Then hold down your “Ctrl” key and click on Rare and Epic under “Quality.” At the bottom left, click on “Create a weight scale.”

As a starting point, let’s use their predefined template for Survival Hunters. Under “Preset”, choose Hunter, followed by Survival in the drop-down box that appears. Then choose your level of gems that you have access to or are willing to pay for. In this case, we will use “Epic” for this test scenario.

After doing this, hit “Apply Filter” and see what comes up. If everything went right, what you should see items like Carapace of Sun and Shadow and Starstalker Legguards at the top of the list.

Let’s refine our search to only look at Breastplates right now. Under the “Slot” menu near the top, select “Chest” from that list and hit the “Apply Filter” button again. We should now have filtered our results down to around 116 different breastplates.

But let’s further explore the stat weighting Wowhead has applied to the items. Nex tot the combo box where you selected “Survival”, click the “More Details” option to expand the stat weighting.

What you should see now is “Mana regeneration” with a weight value of 100, and an “Agility” weighting of 51. According to Wowhead, this means that Mana Regen is currently being counted as being worth almost twice as much as Agility. Which is just crazy talk. So let’s modify the options ourselves. Give “Agility” a rating of 100, and drop the weight on Mana Regen to 50 and hit the apply filter again. The list doesn’t change too much, but it does drop Rift Stalker Hauberk down a couple spots. Now all these numbers are completely relative. For example, let’s say we ONLY cared about Armor Penetration and Agility and we thought Agility was worth twice as much as Armor Penetration, putting in a weight of 2 and a weight of 1 is exactly the same as putting in 100 and 50. It just leaves little room for us in-between.

But as we look at this list, I notice that Armor Penetration is not on this list, and after our calculations about Armor Penetration, we know it is a very valuable stat to have. So click the “Add another weight” link to add another drop-down box to the list, and under the 5th section called “Physical Combat”, add in Armor Penetration. For now, I set the weight of Armor Penetration to 33, meaning that I find it 33% as valuable as Agility.

In addition, I removed Intellect completely from the list, so it doesn’t rank good leather items lower because of lack of intellect. Then, to make sure we didn’t get an Druid gear, above the Stat Weighting, I added stat filter and made Strength equal to 0, so Druid leather would be filtered out.

We all know that a Survival Hunter only need 95 hit rating to be capped, so I also adjusted the weight on Ranged Hit Rating down to 39. As I continue to look at this list, I am thinking that perhaps Armor Penetration is currently weight too high, so I am going to further adjust that number, as well as increase what I think Ranged Attack power is worth. I dropped the value of Armor Penetration down to 10, meaning I find it worth 1/10th of what I do Agility, while I increased Ranged Attack Power to 35 and dropped Ranged Hit Rating to 30. So our current filter screen looks something like this:

Our top 3 Breastplates are now being listed as the Bladed Chaos Tunic, the Vicious Hawkstrider Hauberk, and the Carapace of Sun and Shadow. Our Tier 6 Breastplate comes in 5th place, right after the Embrace of the Phoenix.

We can also switch categories and still maintain the weighting selections we have made. Select “Hands” from the “Slot” menu and hit apply filter and you should now see all the gloves in order based off our weightings and filters. You should see the Thalassian Ranger Gauntlets at the top of that list with the Gronnstalker’s Gloves coming in at number 4, just after the Shadowed Gauntlets of Paroxysm due to their ridiculously Haste rating.

The important thing to remember is that this is not nor is it Cheeky’s. The rankings on Wowhead are based solely on your filters and your stat weighting. It’s easy to get very skewed results. You can see this by listing Armor Penetration at a higher value and see the Shadowtooth Trollskin Cuirass shoot near the top of the list due to its Armor Penetration. Regardless, the tool is incredibly handy. I know I have plans to use it in the future in conjunction with some of our other tools.

Speaking of Gronnstalker’s Gloves, I picked mine up on Wednesday. I think it put me at 650 passive ArP or so. I can get to 1036 by mixing and matching some PvP gear and PvE gear if I want to, which is awesome fun in Battlegrounds where I find under-geared casters. >:D

The Priest in our guild, Telek, wishes it to be known that he did not die during our ZA last week where we missed the bear mount by one minute or so. So apparently I forget who died, but oh well. :)

The Barrage spec I switched to the other day has been working great for DPS. As I was never actually able to get grab a DST, I decided switch out of the Improved Hawk build and even dropped Thrill of the Hunt in favor of 3 points in Ranged Weapon Specialization. And the numbers are looking great right now.

Wednesday’s Rage Winterchill looked like this(1453 DPS). Anetheron has numbers like this(1461 DPS). Here is Kaz’rogal’s fight (1547 DPS), and Azgalor was great till I died from the dumb Doomguard thingy (1252 DPS). But I burn through mana like it’s nobody’s business. :)

It’s Friday, it’s gorgeous today, and my body aches from trying too hard to fit into amusement park rides that were too small. Any questions, comments, etc. Leave ‘em here!

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