Well, Intense Debate is becoming frustrating.

EDIT: I should make note that my previous issues about not being able to post seem to be directly related to Firefox 3, as I downgraded to FF2 today and all the problems disappeared and were in no way related to Intense Debate.

I am probably boring you guys with all this comment stuff. But I have a love/hate relationship with the comment system I put in place from Intense Debate. The other day I had major issues just trying to make comment posts from my machine. I will just chalk that up to something here. But now it’s just acting weird. I was feeling pretty good about it, and thought “Hey, this is working all right. I should try to import all my old comments into the IntenseDebate system as well.”

Well, I tried that and the site timed out. But now my “Old Comments” page is littered with things in another language (Hindi script?) and posts from blogs I don’t even own. For example I don’t care that “Soul Patch is live in Boulder on June 21st.” And if I did, I already missed it!

Being the neat freak that I am, as you can tell by the constant modifications I have been doing to the site, having this huge list of items that do not even belong to me is quite frustrating. Especially when it shows each comment like 6 times.

I really wanted a smoother system for comments, but I think I should have just had more faith in Blogger. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, everything on the site is powered by Google except Intense Debate. I love the way it works and its functionality. But it obviously doesn’t like me too much.

We’ll see what happens . . .

But now it’s just about time to go home and raid Hyjal.

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