The Easy-Money Dailies and farming Skettis

All in all, it is a
simple pet control mod.
There have been a few mods recently I have wanted to try. Nothing too major, but worth looking into none the less. The first one I actually saw listed on WowInsider, and it is Fuzzy Logic. All in all, it is a simple pet control mod. In reality is doesn’t provide any functionality that you couldn’t write within a macro, but if you aren’t big into doing that sort of thing this may be for you. You can find it right here.

The only reason I am hesitant to install it is that I try to keep all my mods Ace-based. This is mainly for updating purposes, as very few of my mods require separate installations.

The second one also comes from WowInsider, and it is called AuditorFu. This is pretty much a in-depth money log. It will track where your money goes and where it comes from. It even tries to log money exchanged in trade. This one is available here. One of the reasons I am interested in this mod is to determine how much I spend in arrows during a week, how much goes to repairs or consumables, etc.

But I must be doing something right with our money. I jumped up to 10,500 gold since I posted the screenshot the other night. The conscious effort I am putting into making gold is really paying off. A couple weeks ago I was sitting at 3k gold thinking “I am never going to have enough for my Death Knight.” So I set forth to do the best I could to save gold.

I don’t try to do every daily everyday, but there are a few I make it a point to do.

  • Daily Cooking Quest: While it doesn’t have the largest gold reward, the supplies for my raid food is great. In addition, the food I don’t need can be sold on the Auction House for great money. A stack of Blackened Basilisk sells for almost 50g.
  • Sunfury Attack Plans: This one is far too simple to pass up. Fly to Netherstorm, slaughter some Blood Elves, pick some herbs along the way. In addition, if the daily cooking quest is for Manaberries, I will need to go there anyways.
  • Nether Residue: I usually complete this everyday, but it’s worth picking up regardless of how much time I have. If you can’t finish this in one day, you can still pick up Residue over the course of a day or two and turn it in when you finish.

As far as traveling to the Isle, the number of quests I do out here greatly depend on my mood and how frisky the Alliance are feeling.

  • Killing Demons: Killing 6 demons and planting a banner takes a total of 1 minute most of the time. Not to mention it is a few feet outside of the buildings.
  • Portal Scroll: This is another easy quest to do, plus it saves your hearthstone. As you are doing various dailies, you scan 3 locations to get a scroll to port you back to your hearth location.
  • Bombing the Demons: This is the quest where you fly over the Dead Scar and bomb some demons and get a glimpse at Brutallicious. ;) Add the bomb to a key and spam it to your heart’s content. It’s pretty easy to do the bombing in a single run.

If I feel like it, I will do the other quests out there, but that varies depending on the day. And as my wife hit exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive a couple days ago, the desire to do them kind of waned.

…every 3 kills will generally provide enough Motes of Life to make a Primal Life.One of my favorite things to farm in order to make money, which isn’t really a secret location, are the elite trees in Skettis. They are better known as Talonsword Forest-Rager. They have 29,000 health and can be soloed by most DPS classes. Hunters can kill these guys without flinching. And after you loot them, you can herb-alize the corpse for about 10 gold worth of herbs. And every 3 kills will generally provide enough Motes of Life to make a Primal Life.

There are 4 spawns for these trees that I have found. You can see their general location in the map screenshot. But the biggest issue you are going to have farming these?

Skettis, on most PvP servers, is a war zone. These trees are highly sought after for their lucrative loot. And most people will not hesitate to gank you and steal the tag. Wear your PvP gear when heading out there. Because it can be brutal.

Questions, comments, etc. Leave ‘em here. Time for me to get back to work.

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