Sweet Speed ZA, Death Knight Speculation

With a full clear of Black Temple and Hyjal done for the week, we decided to cap the night off with Zul’Aman. How did it go you ask? Well, let me show you.

Sweet sweet timed ZA with 5 minutes to spare. Of course I respecced to BM to do this to provide the best DPS possible. And of course I lost the roll on the bear. :)
The WWS report for the full run is here if you are so inclined to view these things. As you can tell, I don’t “anonymize” my reports so you can see the names of all the folks we run with. If you feel compelled to ridicule them or mock their DPS, feel free. :) While I felt sub-par on Dragonhawk, I did swap out a bit of normal gear for PvP gear in order to get my HP a little higher to make sure that I survived any Flame Breaths.

Halazzi, however, was awesome. I managed to pull in 1417 DPS with only the buffs in the screenshot, and a Leader of the Pack. The group I was in had 2 Warriors, a Rogue, and the Feral Druid, so other than LotP and Battle Shout for my pet, there wasn’t really any redeeming buffs for me. So being able to bust out those numbers was great. One of the most awesome things in that report is a Kill Command hitting for 1253 damage.

We did one-shot everything, but I still died during Zul’jin. How? Well, Lynx has a tendency to rush around the raid smacking everyone really quickly. As you can see in the screenshot, he decided to smack me REALLY hard when he came my way.

After looking over our Hyjal reports from the same night and comparing my ZA numbers, I am pretty confident that I could break 2000 DPS on most fights with the buffs from a 25 man raid. But Survival is so much fun to gear up for. I am getting close to the 1200 buffed Agility mark.

So tomorrow we should finally find out what the mysterious splash screen on Blizzard’s site happens to represent. And Deathknight.info as some really juicy rumors to pass around regarding Death Knights coming out early. And I must say, the reasons listed are completely viable and believable. But all this still remains to be seen. All I can say is that it would be friggin’ awesome.

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