Selling or hoarding materials? Raid night, Karazhan, etc

Wrath of the Lich King is still, at minimum, a few months away. So everyone who has a gathering profession has question to asks themselves regarding their raw materials. Do you hold on to them all, or liquidate them before we get too close? This is a two-sided coin with benefits to each answer in my opinion.

Lately, any herbs that I have not been immediately using for potions and flasks I have been listing on the Auction House. The draw to not stockpiling is that there is still an immediate need for these items, as people are constantly popping Mana Potions, using Flasks, etc. As it stands, I can sell Netherbloom for 30-40 gold a stack, especially since I don’t use it for anything. It’s used in Haste Potions and Super Healing Potions, but I don’t craft those for myself so those herbs are just profit. The same can be said for Ancient Lichen. I have no use for this. To the AH it goes!

As I mentioned the other day, I am currently unloading around 5 stacks of Super Mana Potions a day, for 15-19 gold a stack. Also, any procs I get from making Flasks for myself get sold as well. And doing this, I should be at 8000g once I get home tonight.

But there is a flip-side to this as well. Take a look at the costs for all the pre-70 and pre-60 materials currently on the Auction House. On Illidan Netherweave goes for exactly 3g a stack almost constantly, but Mageweave hits between 5 and 6 gold a stack. Pre-70 enchanting materials are through the roof as of last night. The reason being is that there is not an abundance of these mid-level materials. Most servers are “done” leveling, so while there is a surplus of Felweed or Netherweave, there isn’t much available for the earlier skill levels. So the prices are higher.

The same can be anticipated for Wrath of the Lich King, as the accessibility to these items decreases, the price will most likely increase, unless Blizzard pulls something crazy. The real question to ask yourself is what is your immediate need for gold?

In my case, I know that I have a goal, gold-wise, for my Death Knight and want to amass the most gold I can. I have to anticipate the need for a level 60 epic mount (whatever the requirements will be), epic flying skill at level 70, as well as the need to level up two professions. One is going to be Inscription in conjunction with . . . something.

Blizzard has already released the information that Inscription is going to require herbs as it’s raw materials. And I am perfectly fine in gathering the materials myself on my Hunter in order to continue making bank by liquidating things now.

The second profession is still a mystery to me. Do I take Mining for even more money? Maybe Leatherworking will still prove to be useful with the advent of level 80 Drums? Who can say really.

It was a rough raid night. We only managed to get down Naj’entus, Supremus, Shade of Akama, and Teron Gorefiend. With us desperately wanting to get back to Illidan, we REALLY wanted to clear to Mother Shahraz last night. But lacking the AoE heals for Gurtogg and a general lack of focus, we had to call it after Teron.

And I’ve actually gone two days without picking up loot.

Well, 2 days without picking up loot that cost DKP. I did pick-up a Band of Devastation for off-spec last night. Off-spec being BM. I think I would have enough haste for a very nice 1:1 rotation now. I want to try it out on our ZA run tonight to see what numbers we can push out.

We also ran Karazhan last night, which yielded a bit more Rogue loot than last week did. My wife picked up Edgewalker Longboots, Romulo’s Poison Vile, Chestguard of the Conniver, and Malchazeen. No complaints from our end of things. She is now sitting at 54 heroic Badges, with 105 being her first goal so she can buy the Badge fist weapon.

I’ve been playing with a lot of things on the blog on the back-end, to really get things running nicely. I’ve tried to compress some graphics to speed up load times, consolidate the CSS for the same reason, and add some nice functionality to things. There are quite a few things you can do with Blogger and all of Google’s tools when you mess around with them. And since they are all free, no need to run ads. :) So far my only expense has been the 9 dollars to buy the domain name.

Blizzard has released some new stuff about the Magnataurs. If you played any Warcraft 3, these should be fairly familiar to you. The definitely look cool, and based off their screenshots that they released they look pretty monstrous.

Well, I think that’s everything for now. It’s Thursday and it looks as though it will be a pretty uneventful day. But I definitely think I need to get myself some Panda Express for lunch. If you have any comments, concerns, etc, leave ‘em here or shoot me an e-mail.

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