Repeat Illidan, and the best time to level an alt!

We repeated our Illidan kill last night. It took a few attempts but we got him. And we got another Skull of Gul’dan. But instead of the terrible dagger we got the tank helm. But that’s OK, because I picked up my Gronnstalker’s Spaulders from Mother Shahraz! Yay! That puts me at 863 unbuffed Agility. Our Hunters are putting the other DPS in their place on most fights now. And by in their place, I mean behind us. :)

While rocking our Shadow Resist gear, our 3 Hunters put themselves in the top 5 DPS slots, as you can check out here. Illidari Council was a good kill, unfortunately Atroxus, our new Hunter, was unlucky to get a Holy Wrath and Poison and died mid-way through the fight. It was a good raid night regardless. Repeating the Illidan kill is a great morale booster.

And I completely forgot to turn on Fraps. I am terrible, I know. :(

So I was slightly bored last night and did something I almost never do. I made an alt. And I made sure I got it to level 10 before I called it a night. His name is Phuzuda and he is an Undead Priest. I never played a healer past level 30, except for like 4 occasions where I played my uncle’s Priest.

100 Fire damage proc at level 10? Yes please.And right now is the best possible time to level an alt on my opinion. First off, you can go to any town with the Flame Pole and get an hour buff worth 10% more experience gained from mobs. Which is huge. Add in the zone buff if your fire is burning and there is a 30% chance that you will almost one-shot any of the mobs you are fighting. 100 Fire damage proc at level 10? Yes please. It took me 2 hours to get to level 10 last night, even with a few short breaks. Also remember that the Fire quests are easy to do and a quick chunk of experience as well.

I am not sure how high this alt will get, but it’s worth a shot. :)

Tonight we head back to Hyjal so I am hoping Archimonde finally decides he has a bow lying around somewhere. He is so stingy. Seriously. But depending on how tonight goes we might venture to Sunwell and attempt Kalecgos on Sunday. We shall see . . .

That’s it for now. Comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Post em!

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