Real-life Herbalism and the love and hate of our ISPs

I was pretty much out of commission all weekend for various reasons. Friday and Saturday we went to my wife’s parent’s cabin up near Wyoming and cut down dead trees, no thanks to pine beetles. My brother-in-law has a video of us cutting down a tree desperately trying to make sure it doesn’t pull power lines down on top of us. If he uploads it to Youtube, I will post a link and make some witty comments about herbalism.

We got back Saturday evening and went and saw “Get Smart,” which I enjoyed thoroughly. And after that, our Internet was up so sporadic I can barely fathom how it could be so bad.

I dislike Comcast. A lot. I disapprove of their business practices, their thoughts on how the Internet should be run. Throttling bandwidth, restricting network access based of protocols, etc. But unfortunately for me, and many people in lots of places, our choices are limited. That is the first reason I wanted to switch to Qwest. To stop giving Comcast my money. But as much as I want to stick to my guns and keep away from them, Qwest has done the most horrendous job is providing service. It is so bad that if I get on Vent and it is quiet for more than a couple minutes I wonder if I disconnected. Again.

So much that I do involves the Internet, I don’t have the option to boycott both. So grudgingly we called Comcast and they will be here Tuesday during the day. So I will have a solid connection before the fresh raid week begins. Ideally I would like to get UTOPIA but they have not quite expanded into my area just yet.

With my recent plague of Internet issues, I have not dared joining a timed ZA run in fear of disconnecting at the wrong time and ruining the run. While it makes me sad, it’s the nice thing to do.

On that note, rather than trying to force myself to ramble on, I will just wrap this post up. Anyone else love/hate their ISPs for whatever reasons? I have heard good and bad things from people who have Cox, Roadrunner, AT&T, etc from various sections of the wherever.

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