Our Illidan Attempts

Since all our raids reset today, we took the opportunity to head to Illidan to at least get some more looks at the fight, and get people adjusted to what needs to be done. It was exciting to see the fight and watch Illidan do his thing. I snapped a few screenshots for you to take a look at if you are so inclined.

I “ran” a terrible terrible Zul’Aman last night. I am hesitant to actually use the term ran, because that would imply we actually accomplished something. I tossed myself into the LFG channel with the goal to find any ZA group, whether it was timed or not, since it was resetting with the server. It was about 11pm and I figured there were no more groups embarking for Zul’Aman tonight. Surprisingly I finally had an invite tossed my way from a Warrior who said he had a ZA with just Hex Lord and Zul’jin alive. Sounded like a sweet deal, as I still needed a Berserker’s Call.

It took a little time, but we ended up with a full raid with 3 healers. We had 2 Mages, a Warlock, a Priest, and 2 Hunters, so CC shouldn’t really be a problem. I even brought all my Shadow Resist gear that I use for Mother Shahraz to help make the healer’s jobs a little easier. Well . . . the happy part of the story ends there.

Our Holy Paladin at one point decided to throw out the idea that he thought Spirit Bolts came at various percentages of Hex Lord’s health. And he seemed to have very little situational awareness. The Mage didn’t re-sheep his target long till it had spit poison across the raid. The Shackle never really got put back up, so the off-tank had to pick it up early.

And for some reason 3 healers could not keep our relatively well-geared raid alive through Hex Lord’s residual damage. We had a Holy Paladin, CoH Priest, and a Druid.

And we kept dying. Even after I resisted all the Spirit Bolts, I would die to the targeted Frostbolts when he stole Mage spells and things like that. It really was ridiculous. And then the other people had the audacity to start bashing the off-tank. We had 3 healers in a place most raids only bring 2, were unable to keep people alive from random AoE damage . . . and they tried to blame the off-tank.

And that’s why we don’t PUG. At all. For anything. Not even normal instances. I really have a low tolerance for stupid people. People who are eager to learn, or can learn, or are willing to adapt are different. But there are so many truly stupid people. My wife always tells me that I could never be a teacher in public schools. I would have too hard a time refraining from telling some kid they were stupid for some reason. That’s mean on my part, and I am not sure where I developed it, but there it is just the same.

It’s a fresh raid week, so that’s exciting. Our raid will be slightly more geared by the time we hit Illidan again.

So here we have an interview with Stefang, the Hunter who received the first Thori’dal from Kil’jaeden. Read over that interview if you are at all interested. And then allow me to reiterate the feelings of some of the posters over at The Hunting Lodge forums:


Here we have a Hunter in an obviously very capable guild. World 4th Kil’jaeden is nothing to scoff at. He obviously has the ability needed to successfully do these encounters, as according to the SK-Gaming guys, the fight takes a very high level of personal responsibility. But he obviously is limited on the math knowledge behind things. For a point of reference, in most cases you need roughly 300-325 Hate rating to bring your ranged weapon speed down to an acceptable 1:1 ratio as a Survival Hunter. And it’s pretty close to the same if you wanted an effective 3:2 rotation as well.

It’s a couple days late, but remember to head out to the Consortium Vendor in Nagrand and get your monthly bag of gems. Time for me to get some work done. Comments, thoughts, opinions, etc etc. Feel free to leave ‘em here.

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