"It’s almost like cheating."

Queues are always a problem when trying to get people to the instance on time.We came out with guns a-blazin’ in a fresh raid week coming off of our first Illidan kill. And the server had something to say about that. To start, Illidan quickly developed a queue to log on. Queues are always a problem when trying to get people to the instance on time.

During Supremus he got stuck on some of the debris lying around the area and ended up porting the raid to him one by one.

During Teron Gorefiend, our first two attempts ended with the person who was getting the constructs to disconnect causing them to run amok in the raid.

We killed off Gurtogg Bloodboil and called it a night. The plan is to finish the instance tonight and claim our second Illidan kill.

Season 4 started yesterday as most of you know. I opted to skip out on the first day shenanigans and try to let some of the teams find their “place” in things. I did decide to blow my 40k honor on the Medallion of the Horde. I figure 25 Resilience is a pretty huge upgrade over the blue version. It was tempting to use 1125 Arena points on S4 gloves, I figured I better hold off and see if I end up getting the rating I need for any other pieces.

Rogue/Druid is almost like cheating.Did any of you take part in the day’s craziness? And if so, how did you fare? I know some of our guildies got to, or close to 1800 last night. And I hate them for it. Well, I don’t really hate them. You know what I mean. As one of our Rogues said “Rogue/Druid is almost like cheating.”

Llz, one of our Rogues who got Gladiator (again), joked around saying that Arch or Illidan would drop a bow this week. And his comment was “If it does, you owe me 100g.” My response was “if it doesn’t, you get me a 2050 rating.”

He didn’t respond, so I think the bet is off. :)

My plan tonight is to Fraps our Illidan kill and put together a video for it. I haven’t made one recently and what better fight to do than the Betrayer himself?

The Internet is working great. :)

That’s it for now! Share how you fared on day 1 of Season 4. Post it here!

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