Illidari Council Down, Gear Lists, Etc

While I was not able to make it home in time Sunday to participate in the raid, my guild succeeded in taking down the Illidari Council. In total, it took less than 10 pulls between both nights to able to put a kill together. Of course, we have the money shot for all to see.

According to /guildinfo, our guild was created on April 1st. Exactly two months later, on June 1st, we made our first attempts on Illidan. And I use the term “attempts” loosely, since we only had one fire resist tank. It’s very exciting for us. And I think we finally have a solid group of players from our guild who want to run 4-chest ZA to start getting ourselves some bears. One of them being our main tank, Krunkx, who is looking more awesome as days go on. :)

I am sure there are a few people out there wondering where they should be looking for their gear upgrades depending on their level of progression. Sometimes it can be daunting trying to determine whether you should run Mechanar again, or head to Steamvaults, etc. So the first thing I think worth doing is pointing out some resources in order to determine the best place to find gear.

The first one, and most obvious is Inevitably you have probable used it for one thing or another. It’s more robust than many people think. Using the filters it provides, you can create a highly detailed list of available loot. For example, we have this list. When you click that, what you are seeing is every piece of gear that requires at least level 68, as Agility, as no Strength, no Expertise, no Parry rating, and is at least blue quality.

We can easily expand or further limit our search by adding or removing filter criteria. We would remove all gear with dodge rating, add in a requirement for Attack Power, whether or not it has sockets, or where it drops. And in a very short amount of time we can determine a nice selection of upgrades for ourselves.

A second resource, which I can only put on this list within the past week or so is Other DPS classes are probably familiar with it, as it lists all available upgrades based off of our content level, as well as it’s theoretical DPS increase.

Only within the last week or two did they add the option for Hunters, as the disclaimer on that page reads “This is the most complicated rankings on This is first beta release, and there’s an active discussion on improvements on the forum which I’ve appreciate you taking part in!” Even if some of their theorycrafted DPS numbers are inaccurate, it does provide a solid list of gear based off of your selection criteria. Currently their lists are catered around BM Hunters, but in most cases, the lists are accurate for other specs as well, except the weapons.

A third option, while a bit out-dated, is Rivkah’s Survival Gear Guide. Whether or not this site is defunct, as it is missing many current in-game upgrades from things like Zul’Aman or the badge vendor, it does provide a decent list of gear to set any Hunter along their way.

Hopefully that helps in drawing a path to your next upgrade. Remember to check it in Cheeky’s as well to see how it will work out for you. I also have a quick question for everyone as well. Especially people not on my server. Is your daily quest for the Gem Vendor(“Discovering Your Roots” I believe is the name) as buggy as ours is? I went to do it the past two days and every mob up on that hill was evade bugged. Every single one. I couldn’t even do the dang thing. Suddenly our gem vendor being at 53% makes a lot more sense. :(

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Comments, questions, concerns, etc. Leave ‘em here!

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