Illidan Follow-up, and upcoming Season 4.

Despite my Internet connection crapping out on me and making me miss 65% of the fight and the remaining 35% spent sitting on the ground watching, it was a great night for the guild. 18 days after our Illidari Council kill we pulled off our first Illidan guild. And I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a rocky ride at some points. At certain times we had a higher turnover rate than a telemarketing center. And if you have ever worked at one, you know what I mean!

Ciths/Chiknwnglady, our raid leader, shared the thoughts running through his mind as he looted the body. They were pretty much “Where’s the glaive, where’s the glaive”, and was so “excited” to see the Shard of Azzinoth.

We have a great group of core players now, and are rough edges are slowly getting refined. Our guild as a whole is insane DPS. I am excited to see Brutallus in the near future maybe and see what kind of numbers we can push.

Starting Tuesday we will be moving on to Arena Season 4, with the removal of Season 1 gear, Season 2 being available for honor, Season 3 having its price reduced, and of course, the implementation of new gear. The new gear for Hunters can be viewed right here.

In addition to the new gear being added, the required ratings have been changed as well.

Item Cost Rating

Chest 1875 1600
Gloves 1125 None
Helm 1875 1700
Legs 1875 1550
Shoulders 1500 2200

In addition, some of the items bought with honor are now going to carry a personal rating requirement as well. You can view those items right here. And of course, the Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow.

The non-Arena point items are going to require somewhere in the ballpark of 78094 Honor.So all you PvP junkies, I hope you’ve been saving up! The non-Arena point items are going to require somewhere in the ballpark of 78094 Honor. I know that I only have 40k saved up, and since my Arena partners, Xcebin and Vinculum, don’t play as much anymore, I only have 1800 Arena points saved up. Next season I might be interested in finding new Arena teams with a Hunter friendly composition. But sometimes I think “meh.” I was getting tired of being owned by Rogues and having my pet get 2-shot. At the same time, it is a lot of fun sometimes. Having a solid, well-played victory felt very rewarding when you know you out-played someone rather than crushing them due to gear disparities.

I know Megan will be melting, crushing, burning (and whatever else) people’s faces come Tuesday. And while I have my doubts, I am sure we will go PewPew things just the same.

I haven’t had a chance to run ZA lately, but I have been told my guild had a second successful bear run the other day, making that 2 obtain from guild runs.

I am going to wrap this post up and get ready for the weekend. Thoughts, comments, blah blah, you know you can leave ‘em right here. :)

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