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I would like to thank everyone who sent in the details regarding the error they were experiencing in Internet Explorer. The problem was actually fairly easy to track down, and was directly related to Lightbox. The error was being generated due to some coding changes in their 2.04 version. So we downgraded to 2.03.3 and so far all the machines have tested it on seem to be working OK in IE. If you are still experiencing a problem, please let me know.

I have become quite adamant about making gold in the past week or so. I have been going out of my way to farm materials to craft things and to sell. Currently Netherbloom is selling for around 40g a stack, which I happen to have a plethora of in the bank. And since none of my favored potions require it, to the Auction House it goes! In addition I am also contributing to the current gouging of the market of Mana Potions, hiking the price up to almost 18g a stack on average. So sorry to any residents of Illidan needing to buy Mana Potions. Toss in the sale of extra Flasks of Relentless Assault and we are well on our way to being rich.

And I had the some great luck last night when I least expected it. After Azgalor refused to drop a Tier piece for my Tier 6 gloves and Archimonde still hasn’t found his bow lying around, I was feeling bummed so went to do my Shattered Sun dailies for the sweet money. I killed a random Dawnblade Summoner no more than 40 yards from the quest givers, and it just so happen to be carrying The Night Watchman. Happy day after all! If it sells for what Auctioneer was listing it as, I should be around 800 gold richer this evening. We hope.

But even without that selling, tonight I should be close to 7500 gold. One thing I have been doing to help the gold production which I had been forgetting to do for a while but now do every 20 hours or so is my Transmute: Primal Earth > Primal Life. It’s pretty much a free 18g every day. Buyout a Primal Earth, transmute it to Life, and list it back up.

My brother-in-law was questing down in STV last night, when he asked if I could come out there to help deal with a level 70 causing problems at the Hunter camp. Imagine that, ganking at Nesingwary on a PvP server. Color me shocked. :) He then said nevermind, since another level 70 had showed up. So I went about my merry way in my Auction House dealings. 5 minutes later “can you come out now, there are 2 of them, a Warrior and a Druid.” My first thought was “Ah crap, they are going to be come Gladiator 2s team because their alt got ganked or something.”

Boy was I wrong. I came across Hyperious and Naburos from the fearsome guild “Oops Were You Questing?” It was entertaining to say the least, considering it was the first time I had bothered PvPing in quite a few weeks now. But by the time Naburos stayed in stealth after he rezzed and after Hyperious stopped rezzing all together, I had racked up a total of 19 honorable kills and 400 honor or so.

I told my brother-in-law he probably wouldn’t get much questing done out here now which he responded with “I know, I am going to go to bed. I just liked watching the show.” :)

I have two nifty graphics, the one you see above, and one very similar that has the Hunter class icon and image to help distinguish what I am talking about, class-wise. Now if I just remember to use them. But since I posted that image, let’s talk about the ridiculousness of the Death Knight. Holy crap. Is that hawt? Yes, yes it is. And that’s the level 40 mount. Who knows what the level 60 epic is going to look like. I know it’s considered leaked information, but it looks so awesome I couldn’t help it.
See? This would signify Hunter information. How does that sound for everyone? One of the main concern being raised was being able to easily discern Hunter information from Death Knight information, and I have a couple other ideas/additions to this, but wanted to see what people thought.

Leave your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, and any other words I can come up with that relate to feedback here! :)

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