Guild Recovery, The Hunter’s Role: Halazzi

After our main tank quit last night, it kind of put the guild in an interesting spot. While I was not there, the guild rebounded masterfully and cleared through Mother Shahraz again last night. So we are definitely not down and out in any sense.

With it being Monday and very few things happening over the weekend, it makes it difficult to come up with a good post. I generally like to update every weekday at least once. But days like this, it is tricky to write about any relevant, interesting, or informative information.

The reason I try to post once a day is that I like to read blogs as well. And some of my favorite blogs are ones that I can come into work knowing that there will be something to read at some point today as I browse through my Google Reader. I don’t know if anyone reads “Least I Could Do”, but I thought this comic illustrates what I am thinking as I try to update everyday. (

So lets talk about a specific boss fight and what a Hunter’s role is on that fight. Today let’s talk about Halazzi, the Lynx boss inside Zul’Aman.
Zul’Aman is a tricky place. Initially it was designed to fill the space between Karazhan and Serpentshrine Cavern. But the challenge of running the timed event inside Zul’Aman puts even the most well-geared groups to the test. Halazzi, the boss generally killed fourth in the timed event, has a couple things for Hunters to be aware of.

The first thing to know is the fight is very fast. Even if you are not a well-geared group, Halazzi does not have a lot of hitpoints. He only has roughly 600k hitpoints. And the fight has phases similar to Nightbane. You will need two tanks for this, as he does a Saber Lash that splits its damage between two targets. You will DPS the boss for 25% of his health, and then will switch to Troll form and spawn Spirit of the Lynx.

You will need the off-tank to pick up this Lynx and tank it through out this phase. You will DPS the boss’s health until it reaches zero, at which point he switches back to Lynx form. You will do this, with it switching every 25%. During the last 25%, he does all his abilities from both phases.

The first phase, Halazzi will Frenzy, thus you find your first job. You actually get to use Tranquilizing Shot. It’s important to have it on your Action Bar, as Halazzi’s attack speed is increased by 100%. If you are using Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mods, you should receive a warning about the Frenzy. If not, just keep an eye on him, as his size increases indicating the Frenzy.

During the second phase, when the Lynx Spirit is spawned, Halazzi will cast a Corrupted Lightning Totem. Similar to the Demonic Chains during the Illhoof encounter in Karazhan, this totem should be killed very quickly. The macro I use for this looks like this:
/tar Corrupted
It’s a pretty simple macro, but it just adds that second line to make sure your pet gets to it quick to help take it down.

In my opinion Halazzi is not the hardest of the four timed bosses. That honor goes to Jan’alai, mainly because many things can go wrong. But since Halazzi is usually the last boss to be killed to open the door to Hexlord, a lot of PUGs never get to him since they fall apart at Dragonhawk. Our raid can kill him in roughly 3 minutes, so it’s easy to see that even if your group is not as geared, he is pretty easy to burn through if everyone is paying attention.

The most important things to remember:

  • Kill the Corrupted Lightning Totem
  • Use Tranquilizing Shot on Frenzy
  • Off-tank must quickly grab aggro on Lynx Spirit
  • People who can dispel must do so on the Flameshocks

Zul’Aman reset last night, so tonight I will Fraps a video of Halazzi and cut it together illustrating the fight.

Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback regarding the Gurtogg Bloodboil fight. I appreciate the feedback and the compliments. If you have any questions, comments, etc, leave ‘em here or send me an e-mail.

And . . . I’m out.

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