Drama! Gurtogg Bloodboil, 3.5 Chest ZA

So here is my story. One of our newest recruits, a Shaman named Kengriffeysr, decided to /gquit, saying that we were not “serious enough to raid.” We didn’t care too much. If joking around and having a good time while raiding was not serious enough for him, so be it. Especially since he was ridiculously under-geared for our level of progression. Rocking full Karazhan in Black Temple . . . in most cases that is called “being carried.” No worries.

It’s raid time. We have 22 or so people in Black Temple ready to start the raid for the evening, all eager to get our bosses down and get back to Illidan. “I hope you guys don’t hate me for this.”

Krunkx has left the guild.

….. huh? Our main tank, the one we had been throwing Tier 6 at, so we had a Warrior capable of standing in front of bosses suddenly decides he doesn’t want to play anymore? I can fully accept people eventually want to move on. People get tired of games, some easier than others. But this wasn’t a decision that you usually make 3 or 4 minutes before your first pull is suppose to happen. Especially since he was still picking up loot less than 2 days earlier.

One of the officers talked to him to figure out his reasoning, and all we got out of it was “I can understand where he is coming from.” And from what we found out, it wasn’t some family or personal emergency, failing grades, or anything of the sort. So I cannot understand where he is coming from. While it may be a video game, but when you willingly become an integral part of a progression guild, remember that there are 24 people on the other side of those monitors counting on you.

If you are thinking about quitting, have the common courtesy to turn down loot, and the courage to tell people you are going to quit. No one is going to be pissed if you have decided that the game is not for you any longer. What angers people is when you leave them high and dry while not turning down a single piece of loot the whole time.

And on that same note, people should know that they are replaceable. In a guild based around nothing but friends and family, this statement holds no water. But when you join a guild for progression, sure, you will probably make friends and find people who you like to chill with on Vent and in-game, but the guild is still about progression. So if you decide that you don’t want to raid, don’t want to bring consumables, or don’t feel like bringing your A-game, you will be replaced. Especially on a server like Illidan. Illidan is ripe with people frothing at the mouth to raid. Take a look at this. We have 22 guilds killing Illidan. 7 of them are working on M’uru or Kil’jaeden. It’s kind of a populated server.

Well, in the end they convinced him to come finish the raid night, which consisted solely of Gurtogg Bloodboil, giving us till Sunday to track down the potential main tank applications that we turned down because we thought we didn’t need one.

All things considering, the raid and the guild as a whole was in a ridiculously good mood last night. Especially since one of our guildies has way too much with a voice changer on Vent. Ever hear King Xerxes tell you to “Get in the van, he has candy?” It’s pure hilarity.

We are not a child-friendly guild. > >

But I did Fraps Gurtogg! What you are going to see is not a clean kill. What goes wrong exactly? We have aggro pulled from the tanks near the beginning but manage to pull it together. Our other Hunter, Doitoit, disconnects randomly. At which point Gurtogg targets him for the Fel Rage (of course) and promptly dies. One of our tanks, Mattu, picks him up and survives the rest of the Fel Rage thanks to Shield Wall. Towards the end, one of the people in the rotating groups to take Bloodboils dies, and I have to fill-in for the remainder of the kill. All that being said, not too shabby.

You can view the WWS for the fight here. I pulled in 1100 DPS or so, which isn’t too bad due to the nature of the fight.

With Krunkx’s sudden departure, Supersex, one of our off-tanks, has volunteered to be our main tank for our ZA runs now. I specced BM for this, of course, to maximize our DPS. Which was pretty awesome. For example, here is the WWS for Nalorakk.

We missed our bear mount though. We had some bad shenanigans clearing to Jan’alai. But according to our WWS, it took us 2 minutes and 58 seconds to kill Halazzi. So the next time we run, we know we need about 4 minutes to kill him, just to be safe. And since it was the first time a couple people had come with us, it was a first attempt to gauge how we could handle it.

Although we missed the 4th chest, the third chest stopped being stingy, and I finally picked up my Signet of Primal Wrath. :D

And just for fun, my wife and I queued up for Alterac Valley for the start of the battleground weekend and to kill some Alliance. Mixing and matching some gear, I was sitting at 900 Armor Penetration. Hellooooooooo squishy Mages!

It’s Friday. I hope everyone has a great weekend and does something fun! Anything questions or comments, leave ‘em here. Also, I changed the blog so I get an e-mail every time someone leaves a comment. That way I will know if you leave something on an older post. It might get too spammy one day, but for now it’s quite alright.

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